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skype ip resolver

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Novel Tourist

That doesen't exactly help, I want to be able to add people to my contacts, without the worry of a Denial Of Service (Dos) attack.   Really Microsoft? NO Security on skype?

Casual Tourist
I was attacked on Skype using darkbooter I reformatted my hdd, will my network be compromised?

Thanks in advanced
(PS really worried)
Routine Adventurer

This doesn't actually work, you are still able to be resolved to your real IP via "direct connections only" marked, and even setting up "some" proxies with skype.


I have created a tutorial that does work and "spoofs" 100% of the resolvers. 



Video tutoral included.


Please read over it, it's simple and there's a video tutorial for you aswell


Routine Adventurer

Stop, this does not work at all.


Not at all!


Please defer back to my post for an acceptable solution.


Skype's vulnerability in the encoded .dll's /coms make resolvers work.

Novel Adventurer

[Link to illegal website removed by moderator] still works even after doing this ;/

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