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skype award

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Hi ! everyone I won a skype award

I want to make sure is it true?

Please help me because my friend also got the same award with same winning code with the same person name Dr.david jakes then tell me

Please look at this mesage below:
 to: me
Office Address: 2nd Floor Berkley Square House,
Berkley Square London, W1J 6BD London,
United Kingdom.
Date: 7 July, 2013
Verification No.: S1284-027
Dear Esteemed winner, My name is Dr. David Jakes, I am the promotion claims officer and will be handling your prize remittance which is expected to be completed within three (3) working days. I will require your 100% attention to enable us facilitate the remittance of your won prize.
In line with the commemorating event marking our annual anniversary, we rolled out over £31,000.000.00 (Thirty One Million Great Britain Pounds). Your Skype username was selected randomly through an electronic balloting system drawn from 30,000,000 individual Skype users Login names from Australia, New Zealand, North America, South America, Europe, Middle East, Asia and Africa as part of International Promotions Program conducted here in the United Kingdom to promote our product. The aim of this promotion is to make Skype a house-hold name and also to encourage Skype users globally. To complete the verification process of your prize, you are required to send to this office via email the below verification requirements.
For quick verification of your details and processing of your prize PLEASE CALL : Tel: +44-703-592-7887(working days only)as soon as you send your verification requirements.
Awaiting your reply.
Yours Sincerely,
Dr. David Jakes
( skype financial officer)
Tel: +44-703-592-7887
Fax: +44-844-774-2679

Copyright © 2013 SKYPE LTD.

This communication the property of Skype Ltd and is intended for the use of the recipient to which it is addressed regarding his won promotional prize, and may contain confidential, personal, and or privileged information. Please contact us immediately if you are not the intended recipient of this communication, and do not copy, distribute, or take action relying on it. Any communication received in error, or subsequent reply, should be deleted or destroyed.
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Community Ambassador

Skype Corporate Message (


Skype "Corporate" Message from support at Arizona Small Business Association?

Skype "Reward" program? lucky numbers?  Don't worry next year it will say 2014.


Nothing legitamate about that.  The Smartscreen mail filter was correct about it being suspicous.  


100% fake/falso.

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Super Aviator

This is a well known scamming.

Location - Dhaka | Bangladesh - Standard Time Zone: GMT/UTC + 06:00 hour

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Casual Tourist

Re: Skype Award Program:


Here is my Skype message regarding My winning an Award too. Very suspicious to me. Anyone at Skype can verify this?


" [12:51:20 PM] skype award: Congratulations!!!

 Your skype account was selected as one of the four lucky winner of £ Great British Pounds Sterling in the ongoing Free Online SKYPE  promotions in this  year's  2013 and which was recently held in the United Kingdom,And you Happened to be One.  Here is your claims code: "SK214YPE" .  For claims: Simply Send claims code To Free Online Board Service Headquarters  Below.

[Mod edit: Please do not include personal/private information when making a public post. Thanks!]

Community Ambassador

You shouldn't need verification from anyone at Skype.  You can web search any part of this message to disprove it's illegitimacy.  Apparently everyone is a winner.   Just another scam with a lottery theme.   This seems to be a very popular Nigerian/419 scam.


Key points that stand out like a sore thumb:


1.  No legitimate contest of this nature exists.

2.  The whole message is random, unprofessional, and composed of very bad English

3.  The email address is a bogus name you can make up yourself by simply signing up for a new account at .(i.e. 

4.  The UK number is using a +44-70 prefix denoting the use of international call forwarding services,  So while you may dial a UK number it forwards you to a number in a different part of the world (i.e. Nigeria) where the scammers are located for the time being.


So block and report the user for abuse.  Do not email that address or call that phone number.

Novel Tourist
  • Redeem Prize.‏
Skype Corporate Message (
05:33 p.m.
Imagen de Skype Corporate Message
De:Skype Corporate Message ( Tu filtro de correo no deseado está definido como exclusivo.
Enviado:lunes, 21 de octubre de 2013 05:33:30 p.m.
Este mensaje parece sospechoso según nuestros filtros de SmartScreen y lo eliminaremos transcurridos diez días.

lucky numbers: 6, 15, 24, 33, 42, 51

You have been awarded USD 216,000 in the skype reward program 2013.

Reply to claim reward.

Best Regards,
Skype Reward Program

Deadline: 23st October 2013
  • © 2013 Microsoft




Community Ambassador

Skype Corporate Message (


Skype "Corporate" Message from support at Arizona Small Business Association?

Skype "Reward" program? lucky numbers?  Don't worry next year it will say 2014.


Nothing legitamate about that.  The Smartscreen mail filter was correct about it being suspicous.  


100% fake/falso.

Novel Tourist

How many ways can you say "Identity Theft?"


Maybe you have missed the memo: ANY time ANYONE asks for your personal information over the phone, iternet, or email... you need to put up your "RED FLAG".

Most companies will NOT initiate a request for personally identifying information.  In other words... in order to JOIN, PURCHASE, or APPLY for something, YOU are usually the one initiating the process.  You go to their website.  If someone comes to YOU - BE SUSPICIOUS.


I received a similar email - which is how I found you.. looking for a "report phishing" email address for Skype's security division.

Community Ambassador

You can report/forward a copy of the phising e-mail to  I would also highly suggest you report it to your e-mail provider since most of these e-mails have less to do with Skype and more to do with running a scam regardless of the "fill in the blank" company name they use.  Your e-mail provider can filter those types of e-mails out of your inbox.

Novel Tourist

Christopher Foster

‎10‎:‎45‎ ‎PM                

Congratulations From Skype!!!
We are pleased to inform you of the result of the Skype Award Winners International programs held today. Your Skype account has won you £500,000.00 Pounds, attached to lucky numbers 34-00-45-28 which consequently won in the 1st category, you have therefore been approved for a lump sum pay out of ( Five Hundred Thousand Great Britain Pounds )
To claim your winning prize please contact our cash department with your name, tel number and address via the email below,
[Mod edit: Please do not include personal/private information when making a public post. Thanks!]
Best Regards, Mr. Christopher Foster Skype Customer Service © 2014 Skype and/or Microsoft.

Dear Readers,


The above is a scam, and probably if you click on any links, you may find yourself with malware or lead to reveal your personally identifiable bank and/or credit card account details.


Confirming once again these and all such copies are scams.  Skype would never sponsor let alone condone such schemes.




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