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recovering suspended account

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This has happend to me twice now over many years of using Skype. The recovery process is ridiculous compared to any other comparable service. and compared to the simple process of sign up. You also loose any Skype credit as a result. This is unacceptable, if Skype are trying to encourage competitors they couldn't be doing a better job. Anyway, I'm off to look for a better alternative.

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I'm a victim of this crapy system as well.
My account got suspended for no reason and I've filled out the form so many times, but not a decent help. The worst part is that I still have money in the account, I can only log in ,but not to make a call. I guess Skype is willing to take a risk of another class law suit...
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Same useless runaround from Skype, with getting into my now-defunct account. I can understand why so many people have multiple Skype accounts. I hope that all these "dead" accounts glog up their system completely. I'm going elsewhere.


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Maybe Micro$oft Skype don't want to fix this issue. Maybe this is the way they can say they have such an amazing number of users. On paper the number may be double the real size. Look at the older statistics of skype: Maybe the total number of 31 million of skype users in 2012 is bloated by a factor of 5. Because people can not cancel their accounts and they can no activate a blocked accounts. The only chance they get is to open a new account; and Micro$oft skype can brag about the high number of users they have.

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It's laughable that Skype labeled your post as "Solution Accepted" when it's clear that Skype is not providing any sort of solution. 

Still trying.

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I'm quite sure you're correct skypefour.


Might be time to start letting the big wide world know about the scam, especially if they're blocking accounts that have credit and not allowing people to get back in there and claim it. That's clerarcut fraud and Denial of Service.

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Now this is really rich - an auto message from Skype, for my troubles:



Congratulations, workSkype1!

As the result of your contributions to the community, you have earned a new rank. Your new rank is Casual Tourist.

We appreciate your efforts and hope you will continue to be an active member of the community.


The Skype Community Team



Bless them! (not)

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This is clearly a sign that this forum goes on auto pilot. Nobody at skype is even monitoring the posts to help or give some minimal feedback. 


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Dear Readers,


Here is a sign (confirmation, actually) that the Community is really not on auto-pilot!   Skype hosts this Community, so whilst there may not always be participation from Skype staff, please be assured all activities are monitored.


This thread (discussion, conversation) and others related to this thread's topic have been noted for review by those to whom I report.


Best regards,


Community Moderator

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Dear Elaine,


Thank you for the reply!

I really hope you can be instrumental in forwarding our concerns and issues regarding recovering blocked accounts to the people able to make some changes to the system.

I feel that if we can not unlock our accounts, even if (in my case) we suggest being contacted directly to make sure no faul play is involved, the system is broken and needs to be fixed.



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