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"Skype" sent me an e-mail this morning: "New Skype Has Been Releases ! Upgrade Now"!?

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Casual Tourist

Shame on you, Skype, for the typo. (Kidding, kidding....)


The main purpose of this is to alert the admin here, as I can't seem to find any link or place to contact Skype directly about this.


I received an e-mail this morning from "Skype" telling me that "New Skype Has been Releases ! Upgrade Now".  The e-mail continued to reassure me that the e-mail was sent "to notify that new updates have been released for Skype." It listed many new features (some already available for Premium members only, some updates in general), and included a link to download the latest version. Finally, it said (once again) to download it and "let us know what you think about it."


Yes, I realize this is most likely fake, but the fact that they got this e-mail address to begin with is rather unnerving. For starters, this e-mail is in plain text, much unlike your e-mails. Secondly, the e-mail was sent through "rhapsody," sending off so many alarm bells right there. Neither your Facebook page nor the website addresses anything about any new updates. Lastly, I've never seen you guys sign it as "The People at Skype."


To those out there who will just tell me to mark it as spam, delete it, and move on:

I'm pretty sure I'm not the only one who received this e-mail. I don't want anyone to have their information compromised and their computers infected because they downloaded from a faulty link (which has "Skype News Center" in the name). Remember, many not-so-internet-savvy people use Skype!


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Novel Adventurer

I got the same message and had almost the exact same thoughts, some of which I posted (inadvertently) in the "Getting Started" section.

Staff Moderator

Hello and thank you for your posts.

Needless to reiterate the caution of never following any leads/URLs contained in these scam e-mails.

I've forwarded your posts to Skype Fraud.


I recommend that you always run the latest Skype version: Windows & Mac

If my advice helped to fix your issue please mark it as a solution to help others.
Please note that I generally don't respond to unsolicited Private Messages. Thank you.
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