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password reset token NOT working

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I know the email address for my other account and have sent 5 password resets, they all gave 2 options to click a link or manualy input a reset token, I have tried both options multiple times and keep getting an erroe saying " Sorry that password token is not recognized, please try entering it again or get another password token."

Why woun't the password reset tokens work?

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how do I reset my password?
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For whatever reason, the Password tokens simpyl do not work - no idea why Skype have not picked u on this even after several people have been posting about this for months.

I've had to create a brand new account as the password recovery process was simply and fundamentally broken.
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I'm having exactly the same issue - Password Token is wrong!


Come on Skype get it together, we can't be the only ones, there must be thousands of folks trying to reset there passwords.


I created a new account but now have to add all my contacts!!


Ahh I get it!! Skype muck up the password reset deliberately, user creates a NEW account, walah! a new user to add to their list. More users = more advertising revenue! clever

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'Skype has disabled its password-reset feature after hackers discovered a security hole in the video-chat service that allows almost anyone to change a user's password and take control of their account.'
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I have just signed up with skype but password did'nt work so reset a new one but still not working. What can I be doing wrong?  Help please.

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I have the same problem, I selected the one month free trial, then my hotmail account got hacked and I forgot my skype log in name so I requested a passwork reset to another email account and the link does not work, when I log in via facebook I get a secuity url error message! I now have two weeks to try and log in before they start charging me, customer service have been appauling no response in a week and I have tried several times, can't cancel the payment on paypal as it's pending, seems like a perfect scam so they can take my money anyway! makes me sick
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same issue, come on, this is ridiculous to see all these posts and no solution??

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really ridiculous can't reset one of my accounts

Dear Readers,


Questions related to non-working password re-set tokens must be directed to Skype Customer Service.  We here in the Community do not have access to Skype accountholder files or records, and therefore have no facility to research or re-send more "tokens."


Hope the below ... slightly annotated ... instructions regarding how to contact customer service are helpful.





How can I contact Skype Customer Service?


Skype offers help and support through:

To get help with the issue you’re experiencing:

  1. Go to the Support request page (You will be asked to sign on to the Skype website at this first step.)
  2. Select the topic or the topic most closely related to the one that you need help with and the problem you’re experiencing. Some information that might help with your problem is displayed. (These are the FAQ articles, which indeed have information which would resolve most issues.  Continue on, if they do not.)
  3. If you still feel that the information doesn’t help, click the Continue support request button at the bottom of the screen.

  1. Select your contact method. We recommend that you check our Skype Community first. (No need to return to the Community, if that is where you started.  Almost all account-related and all payment & billing issues must be referred to Skype Customer Service.)
  2. If you chose email, enter your details, describe your problem, and then click Send support request. We'll get back to you as soon as we can.

We don’t currently provide telephone support.

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