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my skype account was hacked!! how can I get my money back ?

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My Skype account was hacked few hours ago, an online number was bought, plus a lot of credit was used.

How can I get my money back ?

I don't see contact support anywhere..please help :-(

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You can contact customer service as shown here:


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I too was hacked two days ago. Goes to show that clearly the issue was on Skype's end and not as they tried to claim on mine. Know that Skype is completely unwilling to refund any of the funds or handle this matter in any way. Their helpful advise will be to tell you to change your password and they'll be sure to thank you for your patience and understanding when they tell you they won't return your money.

They wouldn't even return the credit that was left in my account without my closing the account.
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My account has also been hacked. I have now lost £80 and skype is refusing to refund it. I'm porting my number to another service and cancelling my skype account. The customer service is appalling.

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Same thing happened to me.  Skype is a TERRIBLE company to deal with.  I only lost 80 pence < 1USD so I don't really care, but I will never load credit onto my account again.  Skype just lost a customer. Apart from any free services they have. 


I don't see how my account was hacked, I use it very rarley. It just autologs in. I run it on a networked business PC and the IT guys can't find any viruses/trojons on it.  


Skype don't care about their customers from my experiences with them

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My account was just hacked and a call was made to a cell phone in Indonesia. The hacker changed my account to auto-refill and tried twice to charge my card. But, my card had changed and their recharge was rejected, so I only had to pay for the one call.

I had a live text conversation with Skype and the main thing they said was that I am responsible for the security lapse and that they will not refund a single cent!

I do not want to store my current credit card on Skype anymore. Can you wonder why?

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