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individualized auto answer on video calls

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Casual Tourist

This is NOT a question. This is a suggestion!


I could find no other option for sending feedback/ suggestios to Skype. Further there is definitely a very good reason for making this suggestion. My family all live overseas in the USA. Although I prefer to have my skype set on "auto answer" for my children ...I would not like it set this way for "everyone. This is a major privacy issue for me ...especially since my husband here is dying of cancer and my eldest daughter in the USA just had open heart surgery. I could give you a ton of reason why myself ...and others ...would prefer for the "auto answer" feature was an individualized feature. We should be able to choose/ list those people that we wish our skype to "automatically answer" especially on video calls ...or at least list those that we do not wish to include. 


Because I have been a programmer for almost 3 decades ...I know that this is possible ... it would be a relatively easy subroutine in the hands of any programmer worth their salt! 


So. How about it people?!

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Novel Adventurer

There is a product called AutoAnswer that may meet your needs. I haven't used it, but it may be worth a look.



Novel Tourist

Edit: i'm referring to the initial suggestion btw

please please PLEASE follow this suggestion! i also agree that there should be a customizable list as to whose calls will be automatically answered. i don't want to automatically answer every incoming call that i have, even if it's specified as 'contact's only'. and relying on third party programs to do this for you just proves that the programmers of skype may be too inept, indifferent, or just lazy to add such a small addition. PLEASE UPDATE

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