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how to link AGAIN skype and microsoft account?

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Novel Tourist

Recently I unlinked Skype and Microsoft account because I coudn't see my contactos in the skype account. When I tried to link them again I can't find how, skype doesn't ask me to do that. any idea?

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Novel Adventurer

I have a similar problem.  When I first signed in with my microsoft account, I dismissed the option to link my accounts.  Now I want to link my accounts, and can't find the option!   There's a spot for it, but I see no way to set it up.  

Novel Tourist

Hi there,


I have the same problem too.

Have you managed to link AGAIN your skype and Microsoft Account?


Do you have the solution yet?


Peter Lu

Casual Tourist

I'm in the same boat here: I missed the chance when I first set up and signed in with a Microsoft Account to link it to my previously created Skype Account. It's frustrating because I essentially have two different accounts and I apparently missed the one golden opportunity to link them. I'm commenting so that this issue gets more visibility and hopefully gets resolved.

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