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Wrong block

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Good evening. The problem is that my skype blocked for no reason. I am one of the administrators of the project called SAMP [RP] GameWorld. We have a fairly large project and, accordingly, there are detractors. I was blocked by sending messages to abuse by several persons. As proof, I can not imagine yesterday's conversation with the person who initiated the lock, as well as screenshots to prove that I am the owner of Skype. All the evidence I present below.

I hope for your responsiveness and willing to answer all the questions that are required of me.
So the same, give some information on the past Skype:


All personally identifiable information redacted.


Correspondence with the man who blocked the skype me and many fellow administrators:


Also, I apologize if my text contains errors. I'm not very good in speaking English.

I hope for your understanding. Stay tuned...




First things, first: for your safety and protection, please never, ever include any personally identifiable information such as your real name, Skype account name, e-mail address, or a telephone number in a post on a public Community or forum such as this. Thanks!

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I think you may need to contact customer service regarding your concern. Just click the link below to see the instructions on how you can get in touch with the Support team ;
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