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Why do I keep getting calls from SYSTEM NOTICE - URGENT ONLINE REPAIR.

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I have blocked it everytime I get it and keeps coming. Is it spam???

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I see I'm not the only one. I am getting this and as well. I've marked them as spam and reported abuse with no change. I still get calls. Hello skype people. Would you please address this.







Yes, these are scamming/phishing attempts.  Please continue to Block and Report as Abuse each incident as it occurs.  Unfortunately, the title appears the same or very similar, and the underlying phone number or Skype account changes.


I encourage everyone dealing with this, depending on how they use Skype, to ensure that privacy, audio call, video call, and instant message preference settings allow incoming calls and IM's from people on your contact list only.  Please also remember to Save each page or screen you make changes on before leaving that screen or the changes will not be applied.




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Why does SKYPE not filter out new accounts that use SYSTEM NOTICE and other reocurring keywords in the pisher's title? These things come in at all hours of the night and it's more than just annoying.
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