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WTF GameXN Go?

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I never heard about **bleep**ware called GameXN Go, untill today and of course I never installed this **bleep** on my computer. So how it may happen, that today I found that above mentioned **bleep**ware - spyware, malware or whatever it is - installed on my PC?!!! I repeat, I never was asked and never gave my consent to install this **bleep** on my machine. What is happening, does Skype install malware on user's PC now? How can one be sure, that your program is not spying on users when you allow it to install third party **bleep**ware without customer's consent? Is this a new politics of skype, after it was purchased by Microsoft?

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It is astonishing to me that Skype has the audacity to waste space and cycles on my computer with an app I did not ask for and would never use. I thought Skype was a nice company, but now I must reconsider.
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Well Skype is now part of The Glorious Empire of Microsoft so it's only natural that they must now do incredibly annoying things like this. Previously I downloaded the uninstaller (yes there's a freaking uninstaller, I just don't know why we can't uninstall it via Control Panel) and got rid of it only to then turn around a few days later and see that IT HAD REINSTALLED ITSELF. It now seems the only permanent solution is to uninstall Skype completely and delete accounts if possible.

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While I'm also alert for dark forces in the Empire of Micro$oft, if you open GameXN Go, click the gear icon in upper right and select Options, the first item lets you un-check its automatic loading when Windows starts.


No, I don't appreciate stealth installs.  But at least in this version MS could behave worse.  


Also, in Win 7, Game XN Go has its own uninstall entry in Control Panel/Programs and Features, so presumably can be removed without losing Skype.  Whether it will reinstall itself at the next Skype update is another issue.

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You're absolutely right. I kept on blocking Skype updates through UAC by denying the request to install something. Skype was working fine and I don't want it fixed.
Today I not only got GameXN Go on my PC, but also a message that I need to reboot for the changes to take effect. WTF? What changes? Then I've discovered GameXN Go and uninstalled it. It's a shame that Microsoft is abusing Skype to offload unwanted software on us. What's next? Some kind of spyware? Malware? Is this GameXN in accordance with EU laws or is it going to cost them a couple of billions in fines? What I know is that I'll switch from Skype to something else if they continue like this and I'm a paying Skype customer.
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When I started up Skype GameXN asked if it had permission to install or use Skype or something. I said no and didn't think anything of it.

I just went into my start menu and there is GameXN installed on my computer. I never gave it permission to install. I'm really not happy with Skype right now...

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c:\programdata\gamexn\ezgamexn.dll has a W32 worm. Mind you I downloaded the application directly from gamexn web site. Skype fix this!

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Seriously.. what the hell is this. Get it off
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This is malware. It installs without asking, contains a worm. Requires you to install more malware to uninstall it.. goodbye skype. Hello GOOGLE PLUS
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