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Unwanted calls and messages from strangers

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I keep getting calls and messages from men I don't know, and I don't want this ... nor am I comfortable with this as they constantly spam calls. I have my settings set to contact only, yet I still get these messages and calls ... this seems to be especially bothersome on my Andriod.


any idea how to stop this ... besides deleating my skype that is

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I am having the same problem. It bugs the hell out of me. All my privacy settings are set so that only people on my contact list can IM or Skype call me. Before I would just get contact requests. Those you can just deny. I have triple checked my settings on the laptop and android, have emailed skype support, and still there is no answer on how to fix this. Skype has offered fruitless solutions; automated messages that clearly show that they did not read the emails. I am pissed.

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Also, I would love to know why, on my android, it says you contact now unblocked in aa black popout box when I block ...
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Press block contact.
Horny Boy has been unblocked and can now contact you.
Really Skype. REALLY!
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Just in the last two minutes I have received 8 Ims and 2 calls from strangers. Some have crude names like MY_BIG_DICK or normal names like Tom. This recent one is saying how he likes to play with his **bleep** as someone watches. Yet when I press block it says they've been unblocked and can message me to their hearts content. I know I'm being repetitive but this needs to stop.
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And now starts the unwanted contact requests ......

Skype PLEASE fix your privacy settings
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im having the same problem, right now, there are 3 strangers IM me. When i block them, it said that UNBLOCKED CONTACT ... help
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Uggghhhh I have had the same just started 3 days ago.. customer support just has me repeating over and over again the problem....they keep telling me it is being escalated and nothing has changed.. I have emailed them and been in chat.. the customer service sucks.... I can't stand the messages and calls I am getting .. and all nasty too. it's making me sick ...

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I have the exact same problem!! it extremely annoys me! HELLO SKYPE what are you doing to resolve this? Do not take our privacy issues for granted. seriously do something about this.
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**bleep**. The same thing here, with the same type of content


the most annoying thing - I set the privacy in settings (only for contact list persons), and SAVE it, but when I enter settings again - it automatically returns back on previous (allowing all contacts to contact me).


If they do not repair this, I will uninstal it. 

They are not the only ones now with video calls...


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