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[URGENT] Skype Support Account Security Issue - CAN AFFECT ALL USERS [COMMUNITY ALERT]

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Hopefully this will shed some light on the situation with more people.

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I simply want to report that a friends account has just been hacked and is trying to send infected zip files, but cannot find any mechanism to report it automatically.

Have to try to contact friend now and tell them.

Damned scammers. Hanging would be too kind.

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Someone had posted about skype being bad and mentioned an alternative, yet their post was deleted. >.>


If it was by a mod, why don't they respond to this thread's topic rather than delete the post?

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yes, they deleted my post.... so funny, they wont answer about this problem, but they have time to delete my post, best support you can get!


Dear All,


The post in question was deleted from this thread as the information was duplicate-posted elsewhere.  The post did not directly contribute to the topic.


This thread has been escalated to those to whom I report.




Community Moderator



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Holy **bleep**. No that is excessively relivant to this thread. This thread is people pointing out how skype support lets anyone hijack any account, I think alternatives are quite relevant. I want to be moving AWAY from skype, at this point. And then, removing a post about other services, you have just lost the rest of my trust.
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This thread has been escalated to those to whom I report.




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Well hopefully they will reply soon. I've contacted live support and email support, both were completely useless. They kept thinking my account was still stolen, were asking for what email to change it to, and said they suspended my account temporarily. I'm still able to login and use my account so it's not suspended, this is the 4th time support has said they've "suspended" my account, yet it wasn't suspended, do they actually ever suspend any account if they can't suspend one account in 4 tries?


I've linked to this thread for the last email yesterday, however, no response yet. 


So far, it's been very disappointing to see how many mistakes have been made throughout the Skype Support team & system in this one incident. I've talked to at least 6-7 support agents myself and another 4-6 agents gave away my account to those that were hijacking it without actually verifying ownership of my account. It's clearly not just one or two support agents, but the entire support system and Skype's lack of a clear, secure, & efficient security policy. Many companies are able to fend off these extremely easy Social Engineering tricks, however, Skype has failed every step of the way.


This is more of a warning to Skype to change their support system than just a warning on my account being stolen many times. Hopefully changes will be made in Skype's support system because of this.



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What is a good alternative to Skype ?

(calling landlines abroad at good rates ??)


Many of my friends are on Skype, so this is a good

way to stay in touch with them and due to Skype's 

proprietary protocol, connection to other 

messenger type services seems unlikely. 


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Use Gmail's phone service, if you're in Canada or the US, you can call anywhere in those two countries for free.

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Hi Ximer,
I've just now checked your account and is suspended which means we are making sure your paid services cannot be used until this situation is resolved.

Skype CS is looking into your case. Our unlock policy does in fact require more that just the information you have quoted and we are checking where the failure happened during the required steps of verification.

I understand your frustration and we are constantly revising our process to ensure your account access is blocked to malicious users while at the same time valid password recoveries still make it through.

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