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Spoofed message from contact

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Hi and welcome to the Skype Community,

Did these messages stop sending after you changed the password?

It could also be that you have a malicious app installed on your computer that is accessing Skype to send these messages.

Open Skype Options then the section "Advance". Click on the link "Manage other programs' access to Skype" at the bottom of that window.

Now remove any program access you are not familiar with.

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The same thing happened to me today. I was notified by a friend - same spam.


I have not been logged into Skype on ANY device or pc/mac for the last 90 days at least!


It is clearly an issue with our data's security on skype/microsoft servers in my opinion...



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This has also been reported by users in this thread.


As I state in my post there, I checked whether any strange programs had access to Skype via the API, but this was not the case. I have changed my password (using a different machine) and will see whether this helps.


I also viewed the recent activity on the MSA my Skype account is associated with. I found several instances where the password was entered incorrectly (the password for my Skype account and MSA are different), traced to my IP address using Internet Explorer (which I do not use). I have since unlinked my MSA and strongly suggest to other users that they also change their MSA password.





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Just in response to the "phishing" part, my friend never used her skype password anywhere but in the skype launcher. The account isn't linked to a windows one, so it never was in any web browser, and she never got an email from skype support.

She checked her computer with Kaspersky premium, Avira, Malwarebytes, Adwcleaner, and after an all night long detection session, nothing detected. Well, one or two things that was there months/years ago, most likely false positive according to the internet.

Everything from the 2012 "skype virus wave" (message about profile pic + link) was checked (no external application allowed to do anything on skype, nothing in the registery keys, nothing weird in the things launching when windows start...)

When it happened she was online, not doing anything special. It was around 23:45 (France hour) so around 22:45 UTC I guess, yesterday, first of july.

So, yeah, guess it's a problem with skype security or a really new and undetectable virus/maleware ? Hope we'll have a solution soon.

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Was notified that I have spamed my contacts with porno messages, tonight 02JUL at about 03:12.

How could this happpen? Is my account hacked?


I have off cource changed my password as soon as I was made aware of this. Please advice and explain how one can send from my account and I can't see from where this is done (IP adress etc.)


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Could any of you possibly provide me with the spam? I feel it's necessary to report it to google. Thank you,
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If you mean that you are looking for the original text of the spam, see OP.
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I would just like to point out that it makes you send multiple different links... I don't know how many there are as I didn't count..
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I've spend last 3 hours on forums like this becouse same thing happend to my friend. And his PC was turned off.

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Just like a few other people here it seems my account has been hacked and is being used to send messages such as "Hi!" to everyone in my contact list.


I do not believe that it is my computer that has been hacked as I am unable to delete the messages thus leading me to believe that the messages were sent from a different computer than mine. I keep my credentials safe so I also believe that there is a security issue with Skype either in the client or in the database.


What do I do? I've already sent apology messages to everyone, started a virus scan and increased my router security.

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