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Spoofed message from contact

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Novel Adventurer

be careful... i did what this post said to do... i changed my skype password, signed out and back in on my devices and within minutes SKYPE SUSPENDED MY ACCOUNT !!!!!!!

FOR DOING WHAT THEY TOLD ME TO DO HERE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



Novel Adventurer

It happen the same to me, I want skype to clean all those bots message from my account the quickest they can. Clean all your mess skype! This is not acceptable at all.

Casual Tourist

Today. I still have the problem... ?

Is it already resolved or not?


Casual Tourist

only bluetoothheadsetrpoxy.exe and one more .exe --> both from Broadcom Corportation are shown on the path you shared.


I don't think that sends the spam message to all my contact. please confirm if so.

Any ways, Skype should not allow spam message from my ID to all my contact when I have not done so. this is a nasty fault.

please share the permanent solution. The password I use is unique and Strong

Reliable Tourist

So, joined the community to figure this out. How long has this been going on and do we know what is exactly causing this? It's starting to really annoy me :/

Casual Tourist

My friend just had this issue himself, and I'm doubtful that his computer was hacked. What I gathered from the accepted solution was that people have been trying to "brute force" Skype accounts. What this means is that they went through and generated a list of usernames and passwords by just stringing a bunch of characters together (first a-z, then aa-zz, then aaa-zzz, etc. etc.). My evidence for this would be that one person mentioned that they had seen several failed login attempts, and that the accepted solution mentioned that "several of the usernames used weren't valid Skype usernames." The simple solution for a brute force hack would simply be to make a really, really long password. It doesn't matter whether or not it's a keyboard smash, just make it something long and easy to remember, even if it's "thisismyskypepassword" (which, according to, would take 410 BILLION - that's 410, followed by nine zeros - years).

Novel Voyager

I am not so sure that this is a completely viable solution as I had this occur a few months ago and a) changed my passwords (which were already unique across Skype, Facebook and MS accounts to begin with)and b) ran full virus/malware scans via Avast and Malware Bytes, resp.  Now, several months later, the same thing happened again and to, seemingly, the same set of contacts.  Has there been any update to a solution?

Novel Tourist

I just had this happen to me, i changed the password and it happened again immediately after. So I assume a resolution has not been found. 

Novel Tourist

Same problem here as well.... You do realize this problem has been going on for... 2 years now. I made a completely new email, then a completely new Skype name, AND a 15 character long password. Skype was back to spamming my contacts with links again in less than 24 hours. Flat out, the people who work for Skype security, are incompetent. 

Novel Adventurer

I got a message earlier from someone unknown, who initiated a chat with me - i usually don't do this, but he contacted me about a specific topic, and we had a short conversation - he tried to send me an mp4 file, but as he wasnt in my contacts, it was automatically declined - I would have declined it anyway. 

Today, friday, I notice that a few of my contacts have received a message as follows:

[active link to flysafe.tld/sentence.php removed]
oh sorry... not to you. wrong chat window


The messages were all sent the evening before, around the 11th of August 2016 at 23:36 (wasn't online).
the <tld> has been censored by me ... 
I have two-factor authentication on my account, and neither my home pc, android phone or company laptop have any infections of any kind. There are no suspicious devices connected to my account.