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Spam messages in skype

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We are getting spam messages like below since a couple of days in Skype, clicking on those links will send that message to everyone online in the contact list. Also the effect of this spam might be deletion of contacts from the list. Please let us know how to get rid off it.

Spam messages:

omfg lol jv some URL

rofl haha jv some URL

haha haha gq some URL




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Novel Tourist
I have exactly the same problem, please let us know as soon as you have a solution.
Novel Tourist

We have the same problem 


*edited for profanity* this isn't you right?


Do you have a solution?

Super Adventurer

first, try to update your anti-virus software, then run a full anti-virus scan.  your security software might be able to detect and remove what is causing such strange behaviour.

Novel Tourist
I'm having the same problem, but on a much more severe scale. As it turns out, I'm the one sending these messages. My computer locks up, my mouse and keyboard are turned off, and the messages are sent to everyone on my contacts list. This is a serious problem, and I have yet to track down the source.
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My computer started this yesterday as well.  About every 15 minutes, everyone in my Skype contact list gets a Spam message from me,  I have run the ant-virus, I have un-installed and reinstalled Skype, I have tried using a new user name.  Nothing has helped.  It continues ti send SPAM every 15 minutes to everyone in my contact list.  What can I do?

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