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Skype wants to use your confidential information stored in "Skype keychain

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I use Skype on Mac OSX Lion. This problem has appeared for the first time since I recently upgraded Skype to version When I click 'Accept' I get the message 'Your Skype Name and password  are not recognised. Please check and try again later'. When I click 'Deny' (usually twice as I recall) the log in proceeds normally and I can use Skype without problems. Occasionally the dialog appears during the Skype session.  I do have a keyring which I use only for PGP.

If anyone can advise how to suppress this unwelcome dialog, I would really appreciate the help.

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What is Skype doing about this problem??? We need a solution soon!!!

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I should have read Claudius' advice more carefully and studied

before posting on Friday last.

Launching Keychain Access in the Applications folder and adding my Skype login | password has solved the problem for me. (MacOSX Lion).

Thanks Claudius.

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Great for you that have time to investigate and read forums. Skype should just solve this annoying problem at once, why creating more problems where there were none?

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Unbelievable....every time 2 times deny for me...unbelievably annoying.  Do we have another option than skype these days?  Surely this is skype attempting to hack into private information.  If they were up front about it, why is there no option of "never allow and stop pestering me for something that I do not want to give!!!"

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@skronger i absolutely agree. If there is a company trying to compete with Skype, this is an excellent moment to boost their marketing and take the large base of users that are being affected with this problem. After using Vista and its annoying endless confirmation dialogs, I move to MacOS to avoid all that crap. Now Skype is bringing the Vista style to MacOS with its huge window and the non-stop deny dialogs.

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As requested by Claudius 4 weeks ago, I try to include a snapshot....yea...that annoyance i have seen many timese every day.  It happens on restart or after shut down.  I have to shut down a coule of times a day.  I got mac because China internet is infested and using a PC here is a disaster.  The popup has 3 buttons Deny, Always Allow, Allow.  Why is there no Always deny??  Childlike simplicity.  They don't want us to have the option, they are trying to force people to give up confidential information.  I don't know what the legal term is, but it likely is illegal.

Here are some alternatives to consider:

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Not only at start up....also after every call....same request for private keychain access.

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I have searched the web and found no solution to this, there must be a better web site than this one to get an answer

Alo I am keen to hear of a skype alterative, it has gone down hill since micro$oft bought them

Get ready to be milked.....

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Microsoft is combining the Vista endless-dialogs-style with the social network steal-your-information-style. This is the new paradigm, wait for more "enhancement" a la Windows 8 right in your Mac.

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