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Skype hack?

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Novel Tourist

Dear managers and users of Skype,


I was talking with my brother and sister on Skype and suddenly something very odd occured. It had seemed as if my browser had a somewhat mind of it's own and entered  it's own messages. It sent a explicit image from Facebook and I immediately deleted it as my siblings are under the age of twelve. It had frightened me and I thought that I somehow had gotten hacked. I have logged into this website to report this event alone and I ask for needed help. I apologize if I have somehow made a mistake somewhere on this website.


Thank you for reading

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Super Adventurer

most likely a virus.  Update your anti-virus software then run a full anti-virus scan.  You can also change your password as an additional safety measure.

Novel Adventurer

I wouldnt say it is a virus to be honest i would say that it is a rat from an aplication you have download and yes malware virus and rats are diffrent im my opinion if you dont know what a rat is look it up please so whatch what your downloading and dont download anything to good and for virus sucurity NORTON ---!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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