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Skype ads in rotation have been compromised and contain Malware/Viruses.

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As of yesterday, there are several reports going around the web about people using skype and having their default webbrowser popping up, and automatically redirecting to this malicious webpage:




I've added the XXXXs so that people will not accidentally click on it.


Skype, one or more of your ads in your rotation are infected. The rotating ads only began showing up yesterday, which corresponds with the wave of reports and with Skype being the common denominator. Please take down the ads, at least temporarily, and fix it. And for god's sake, please have some quality control with your ads, unless you want to infect half the world with a trojan.

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Novel Tourist

I've had this pop up twice within the last 24 hours. My friend had this pop up last night too, when we were on totally different sites and different browsers. The only thing we had running at the same time in common (to my knowledge) was Skype. My antivirus picks it up everytime as a rouge scanner. This could really damage some people's systems.

Novel Tourist

Showed up for me and a friend tonight, and last night another friend got it too. Glad to see that I'm not just going crazy.

Casual Tourist

Yep, had Skype open in the background, and after some gaming I found Firefox with this URL open.

Novel Tourist

This just came up. Tried taking me to the same place, but my AV intercepted it.



Country: France



This NEEDS to be fixed.

Community Ambassador

Don't click on any of these links. e324rfds.rmicrodefender27.nlXXXXXXXXX is a know malware site.


Some Danish websites were also recently infected by ads redirecting to this site.

Novel Tourist

Just adding my voice here: I've had this pop up twice now, although the site was blocked from loading each time and anti-malware sweeps afterwards came up clean.


And I thought the intermittent audio ads I used to get with Skype were bad.

Casual Tourist

Just got this a short while ago, except the url that loaded was http://wed322d2 windows-defenderpro com/index.php?key=xxxxxxxetc


Considering I wasn't at the computer when this happened, I feel like I need to stop using Skype until the ads in question are removed :/

Novel Adventurer

I got this same BS with the windows defender pro thing. I was using Skype and ONLY skype at the time. I am so upset!


I've done Malwarebytes scans, antirootkit scans and they come up clean. I closed iexplore.exe in task manager rather than click anything, so hopefully I'm not infected.


Ever since the other day when the NEW ads popped up on skype, this seems like a huge security risk!

Novel Adventurer

I was originally going to send this to their email support, but was unable to get through as they are having "problems at the moment":

Wyrenth wrote:


I was in a Skype call with my sister, and we both had the following page appear in our web browsers at the same time:

Note: The link returns a 500 Internal Server Error.

I am trying to narrow down the likely possibilities before looking into other solutions.  Right now, Skype has the strongest correlations because:

1.) Both my sister and I were in a Skype call together when this happened.
2.) Both my sister and I were affected at the exact same time.
3.) Skype now uses intrusive advertisements.

I would like to know if you currently have Softonic as one of your advertising partners.  If you do not, then I need to look into other reasons why their advertisement tried to load on both of our computers at the exact same time.

I would also like to know if Skype allows advertisements to execute script actions, automatically load web links in a browser window, or manually load web links in a browser window.

If, in fact, Skype's advertising network has been compromised, then this is unacceptable.  There is no reason that an aspect of the software that we have no control over should put our computers at risk.  Worse, there are few popular alternatives to transition to should it appear as though Skype's development team is forced to focus more on intrusive and exploitable advertisement measures than secure software.


Advertisements should be an IMAGE (NO FLASH) with NO SCRIPT FUNCTIONS OR OTHER FEATURES, and a hyperlink to the promoted item ON MANUAL CLICK ONLY.


If you are wandering outside the realm of that, then you are putting peoples computers at risk.  Again, this is unacceptable.

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