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Skype account age limit

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I'm 19 and I keep getting the same issue.... and I was allowed to accept nearly 2 years ago when I turned 18... so... yeah...
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i dont know how this is solved. my daughter has a microsoft account for windows 8 and the xbox and they just updated the terms and agreement so we all agreed to this, since she is only 6 as soon as she clicked on accept terms it said you are not of age please have your parent type in therë email and password to aprove the terms, so i did and she was able to logon again. why cant skype use th mocrosoft account to approve the terms ?

i cant get her logged on very frustating

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The Setup for accounts isnt working properly, because i am using my birthdate, which is over 12, and it still says im ineligible to create an account, and ive redone the setup over 20 times. I already have a skype account and dont understand why i cant create a second, under a different email.

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This is exactly the problem I'm having. I'm certainly old enough to create an account - I've done it before. But no matter what age I put in, even silly ones, it's not letting me correct an account.


Is it a bug?

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Same problem here Im 36 and getting the same error. Now it removed MSN from my computer and I cant login grrrr....Cant someone from Skype look into this please??! Its very frustrating to be forced to merge to software that doesnt work. A moderator said to contact customer support yet I can't find any link to contact I have to pay to get support so I can login??

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Please See.

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I see from Claudius's post that I can open a Skype account for my under-age daughter if I put in my own date of birth.


What happens when my daughter finally reaches a legal age — will she be able to correct the date of birth?



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Thank you

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