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Skype Under Attack

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Novel Tourist

I was charged EU 50 6 times on 2 days - Aug 22 & Sep 1 - totally amounting to 300 EU.


However, I did not initiate these transactions.


I got emails in Chinese saying that my account was charged and then another email later saying my account was charged by mistake and everything is reverted.


So I didn't bother to look at my back statements till I get my bill and I'm charged for those transactions by Skype.


I talked to a Skype customer service agent yesterday and he quoted ToS to me saying it's not Skype's problem - my account got hacked because of my carelessness - not having my PC secured.


That's absurd - my devices are all secure and I'm sure there's a problem with Skype.


I need an explanation and a compensation for this.



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Hi, savioseb,


While Skype's Terms of Use may not provide the resolution you seek, please do report these issues straight away to your credit card or payment method issuer and if processed via PayPal, to them as well.  Customers are generally not held liable for fraudulent purchases posted to their accounts, however there may be time restrictions for reporting these incidents.


Unfortunately, the use of password crackers and hacking is on the rise.  None of us is immune.  Please do change your account passwords if you have not already done so:

  • Skype account
  • Payment method on file
  • PayPal, if applicable
  • Registered e-mail address on file

I would still recommend running your preferred anti-virus/malware/spyware program using the latest virus signature files as a proactive measure.


Best regards,


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