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Skype Scammer from Ghana

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Novel Adventurer

Hi! A scammer added me today on skype. I blocked and reported him. Please take care of his account. Some people may be stupid enough to fall for this.


His Skype name is [private information removed]. His message were the following:


Hello Poulsen, I have been in search of someone that bear this name "Poulsen", so when I saw your name I was pushed to contact you and see how best we can assist each other. I am Mr.fredrick  Nkrumah a Banker here in GHANA. I believe it is destiny for me to come across your name here. I have an important business discussion I wish to share with you which I believe will interest you because, it is in connection with your last name and you are going to benefit from it. One Late George Poulsen a citizen of your country had a fixed deposit with my bank in 2005 for 60 calendar months, valued at US$18,400,000.00 (Eighteen Million, Four Hundred Thousand US Dollars) the due date for this deposit contract was this 16 of January 2010. Sadly George was among the death victims in the May 26 2006 Earthquake disaster in Jawa, Indonesia that killed over 5,000 people. He was in Indonesia on a business trip and that was how he met his end. My bank management is yet to know about his death, I knew about it because he was my friend and I am his account officer.George did not mention any Next of Kin/ Heir when the account was opened, and he was not married and no children. Last week my Bank Management requested that I should give instructions on what to do about his funds, if to renew the contract. I know this will happen and that is why I have been looking for a means to handle the situation, because if my Bank Directors happens to know that  he is dead and do not have any Heir, they will take the funds for their personal use, so I don't want such to happen. That was why when I saw your name I was happy and I am now seeking your co-operation to present you as Next of Kin/ Heir to the account, since you have the same last name with him and my bank head quarters will release the account to you. There is no risk involved; the transaction will be executed under a legitimate arrangement that will protect you from any breach of law. It is better that we claim the money, than allowing the Bank Directors to take it, they are rich already. I am not a greedy person, so I am suggesting we share the funds equal, 50/50% to both parties, my share will assist me to start my own company which has been my dream. Let me know your mind on this and please do treat this information as TOP SECRET. We shall go over the details once I receive your urgent response strictly through my personal email address:*edited for privacy* We can as well discuss this on phone; let me have your telephone number and also know when you will be available to speak with me. Have a nice day and remain blessed. fredrick  Nkrumah *edited for privacy*


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Casual Adventurer

Be advised that the Ghana Police Service website is not a domain ending in  Furthermore, Ghana Police use email addresses ending in, not  Any post or site recommending info.ghanapolice at consultant dot com is false and is a criminal attempting to scam you.  For additional information, contact the U.S. Embassy or real Ghana Police.


Ghana Police Service

National Headquarters : (233) 0302 778 505

Embassy of the United States

No. 24, Fourth Circular Rd., Cantonments, Accra

P.O. Box GP 2288

Accra, Ghana

Telephone: (233) 030-2741-150



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Novel Tourist

gracias por demandar a este sujeto

ami me llgo una invitacion y gracias a ti no voy a caer ante este ladro


muchas gracias

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Novel Adventurer

check on this mobile number as he has just contacted me for a bank transfer *edited for privacy* and this is waht he had to say .."my hope is to maintain the trust i had on you before contacting you.Could you please call me on this my private line *edited for privacy* you can call now if you are a very serious for this business and then mail me the complete infomation to my private email add *edited for privacy*
[3/07/2012 11:47:57 a.m.] Mr.Yabua: hope to hear from you soon and as soon as i get this information then i will start programing

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Novel Adventurer

Mr.Yabua afringpong: I am Mr.Yabua Afringpong,I am the branch manager of the Standard
Chartered Bank Of Ghana, Takoradi Branch. I am 48 years of age and
married with 3 lovely kids.It may interest you to hear that I am a man
of Peace and don't want problem

I have packaged a financial transaction that will benefit both of us
fast and easy and I would not want to jeopardize this opportunity to
change my financial status that will give my family a secured future
and if you think that you are not intrested on this business then
forget about it as i would not contact you again.

As the Regional manager of the Standard Chartered Bank Of Ghana,
Takoradi Branch,It is my duty to send in a financial report to my head
office in the capital city Accra-Ghana at the end of each year. On the
course of the last two year 2010 end of year report, I discovered that my
branch in which I am the Manager made (Three Million USD $3,000 000
00,] which my head office are not aware of and they will never be
aware of,I have since place this fund on what we call SUSPENSE ACCOUNT
without any beneficiary and without a (Heir) hence the money has been
floating and if i do not remit and move out this money urgently it
will be forfeited for noting and the big guns at the hems of
Administration in this bank will share this fund among themselves as
it is been done if no trace of the Heir to such fund is found.

Although i had tried to contact the family members of Mr.Paul Louis
Halley whom is the Depositor of the fund to come forward for the
claims but could not succeed nor do we know any of his family member
since he was on his way visiting his country France please click here
to view what i mean(
) And as an officer of the bank I can not be directly connected to
this money and that is why i am contacting you for us to work together
receive this money into your bank account in your country and share it
while you will have 35% of the total fund. Note there are practically
no risk involved, it will be bank to bank transfer, all I need from
you is to stand claim as the rightful beneficiary of this fund
deposited with our branch so that my Head office can order the
transfer to your designated bank account,contact me via private email add,*edited for privacy*

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Novel Adventurer
I hope you will look into this as this is definately a scam... Thanks!
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Casual Adventurer

I have reported a ghama scammer. Why is he still on skype? He goes by, Brigadier General Mark Martins. bri.gen.markmarks. He is cruzin for women. Skype, would you please take this scammer off. He is still on here.  Thank You, brenda.cantrell82

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Casual Adventurer

I have reported a ghama scammer. Why is he still on skype? He goes by, Brigadier General Mark Martins. bri.gen.markmarks. He is cruzin for women. Skype, would you please take this scammer off. He is still on here.  Thank You, brenda.cantrell82

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Novel Adventurer

The same guy for sure, but with a different Skype account. He's user name is jasminkhairi, and the message he sent me is exactly as the one above.

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Novel Tourist

got meassege with the same idea only differnt name and number watch out guys

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Novel Tourist

I normally trust people, but have changed my attitude to some bad people. This is one of them general who is fighting in Syria and has his son on school trip to Ghana. He lost connection with him and "cries" in skype as he cannot find him. Enjoy reading our conversation.  I have figured out he was a scammer right away. and People avoid talking to army people from Syria, Afganistan (General Wilson Benson - he suggests you to help him find property in your place and sends you one million dollars in diplomatic post), Iraq.

I deleted my skype name, though it would be appropriate. 


Hello general, do you serve in Afganistan?
[13:28:37] gene.anthony.cucolo: no
[13:28:43] gene.anthony.cucolo: i am in syria
[13:28:53]*****: (whew)
[13:30:00] ***: is it a war there?
[13:30:13] gene.anthony.cucolo: yes
[13:30:32] ***: OMG
[13:30:47] gene.anthony.cucolo: mean?
[13:30:52] ****: how long have you been there?
[13:31:04] gene.anthony.cucolo: 4 year now
[13:31:42] ****: wow, so long. how do you think when will the war stop?
[13:31:55] gene.anthony.cucolo: soon
[13:32:13] ******: who rules syria now
[13:34:14] gene.anthony.cucolo: president, Bashar al-Assad
[13:34:43] *****: so, you are fighting there
[13:34:56] gene.anthony.cucolo: yes
[13:35:24] ***: it is sad
[13:35:32] gene.anthony.cucolo: really
[13:36:03] ****: innocent people are killed, kids, women,
[13:36:55] gene.anthony.cucolo: we are there to stop it
[13:37:17] gene.anthony.cucolo: that is why we are here
[13:37:34] ****: i see
[13:38:45] gene.anthony.cucolo: very pain full
[13:39:10] gene.anthony.cucolo: what do you do for liveing?
[13:39:12] ****: i cannt and even don't want to imagine. war is evil.
[13:39:29] gene.anthony.cucolo: so hurt
[13:40:20] gene.anthony.cucolo: are you married with kide?
[13:40:23] ****: sure
[13:40:34] gene.anthony.cucolo: really ?
[13:40:39] ****: yes, why not
[13:41:17] gene.anthony.cucolo: nice
[13:41:53] gene.anthony.cucolo: i lost my wife and one kide in a car accident 3yrs ago
[13:42:05] *****: i am so sorry, it is awful
[13:42:21] gene.anthony.cucolo: i have only one son now
[13:42:30] ***: and where is he/
[13:42:56] gene.anthony.cucolo: he school in london
[13:43:07] ****: very nice.
[13:43:30] gene.anthony.cucolo: but he is in Ghana now
[13:44:15] gene.anthony.cucolo: excursion
[13:44:24] ****: excursion??
[13:44:27] gene.anthony.cucolo: yes
[13:44:53] ****: how old is he?
[13:45:17] gene.anthony.cucolo: Joe is 15y
[13:45:44] *****: so he is with school in Ghana/
[13:46:13] gene.anthony.cucolo: yes
[13:46:33] gene.anthony.cucolo: long time now i have not hear from him
[13:46:46] gene.anthony.cucolo: it make me feel bad
[13:47:58] gene.anthony.cucolo: are you there?
[13:48:16] ******d: yes
[13:48:58] gene.anthony.cucolo: we dont use phone over hear
[13:49:15] *****: so how have you been communicating with him?
[13:49:28] gene.anthony.cucolo: i dont no how to here from him now?
[13:49:36] ****: use skype to call him
[13:49:57] gene.anthony.cucolo: oh he is not on skype
[13:50:09] *****: but you can use skype to call to any phone
[13:50:58] gene.anthony.cucolo: i try but no way
[13:51:05] ****: call the embassy
[13:51:18] ****: their class should be registered
[13:51:51] gene.anthony.cucolo: we dont use phone here is war zone note that
[13:52:00] ******: and what are you going to do?
[13:52:16] gene.anthony.cucolo: my Dear i am gone
[13:52:30] ****: where to?
[13:53:38] gene.anthony.cucolo: i mean i am finasal
[13:53:43] gene.anthony.cucolo: no hope
[13:53:51] gene.anthony.cucolo: what to do
[13:54:03] gene.anthony.cucolo: no help
[13:54:23] *****: if he is with school, then he is fine. it is an official trip and government knows about that
[13:55:00] gene.anthony.cucolo: that those not mean he is my son i most have to here from him
[13:55:16] gene.anthony.cucolo: school can not care as i will
[13:55:40] ****: there is no way but to wait till he is back to London.
[13:56:05] *****: may be you have some friends who you could ask to check on him
[13:56:39] gene.anthony.cucolo: i have his number but i can not call
[13:56:53] gene.anthony.cucolo: i dont keep friends
[13:56:59] ****: it is a pity
[13:57:04] *****: friends can help
[13:57:04] gene.anthony.cucolo: peopel are so evil
[13:57:08] ****: not all
[13:57:20] gene.anthony.cucolo: that is why i dont keep friend
[13:57:28] gene.anthony.cucolo: no no no
[13:57:36] *****: if not friends then it is hard to deal with some problems alone
[13:58:14] gene.anthony.cucolo: friend have cost me allot of pain in my life tht is why pls understand
[13:58:39] gene.anthony.cucolo: i have no one
[13:59:15] gene.anthony.cucolo: i have no mother no father no brother no sisters
[13:59:24] gene.anthony.cucolo: i am orphan
[13:59:43] gene.anthony.cucolo: i am orphan
[14:03:51] gene.anthony.cucolo: you too
[14:16:23]***: i hope you will find a way to call your son
[14:18:04] gene.anthony.cucolo: how
[14:18:16] ***: ask some people
[14:18:36] gene.anthony.cucolo: how will i ask ?
[14:18:54] ***: go to your boss
[14:20:12] gene.anthony.cucolo: i am general
[14:20:25] gene.anthony.cucolo: who will i go to?
[14:21:13] ****: call to washingot, explaine the situation, they will help the HERO
[14:21:39] gene.anthony.cucolo: you will not understand
[14:21:42] *****: cause you are a hero, you fight for your country. you can give your life for your countru
[14:22:14] gene.anthony.cucolo: how can it is my duty
[14:22:38] ****: but you are also a father and he is your only left child
[14:22:45] gene.anthony.cucolo: if my wife where alive it could have been better
[14:22:55]*****: yes but you cant return her
[14:22:59] gene.anthony.cucolo:
[14:24:36] ****: if i could i would help you
[14:25:32] gene.anthony.cucolo: you can do it for me if you really feel to help
[14:25:44] ****: if i could
[14:26:25] gene.anthony.cucolo: ok
[14:30:32] ****d: and?
[14:31:21] gene.anthony.cucolo:
[14:31:33]*****: what to do?
[14:31:50] gene.anthony.cucolo: how i have no hope
[14:32:27] ***: so i cant help?
[14:33:06] gene.anthony.cucolo: really if you do this for me i will make you and your famly proud
[14:33:31] gene.anthony.cucolo: (
[14:33:51] ****: ok

[14:35:49] gene.anthony.cucolo: here are his number so that you can call him
[14:36:40] gene.anthony.cucolo: +233242872466 his name is Joseph but i call him joe
[14:34:13] gene.anthony.cucolo: you make me happy

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