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SCAM: fake conference calls. what do i do?

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Casual Tourist


I only yesterday auto-recharged my account with 25 $. and today i discovered i have 1.46 $ left.

I saw that there were THREE conference calls from strange numbers (each call was from two different numbers), who have obviousely drained my credit. I don't use skype often at all, so its obviousely some kind of scam that i receive three conference calls the day I recharge.

I did not make or accept these calls, no one else is using the computer. this is obviousely a scam. btw- my security settings are set to "contact list only"


1. how can i make sure this doesn't happen again? I want to know, that my credit on skype is used for MY calls, and not for scammers.

2. how do I get my credit back?

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