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Receiving messages from people not in my contacts list

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This is happening to me. I keep changing my privacy settings but they revert back. To make it weirder, I have Skype on my other computer, and the settings are fine. I even uninstalled Skype and then reinstalled. Same problem. I got Skype to communicate with my grandchildren across country and don't need this aggravation.

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i have tried everything recommended to me to no avail. i continue to receive group IM messages. my settings have not changed - they are set to only receive messages from people in my contact list, but it clearly is not working. HELP!

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Dear sir, I had a hacker having a written conversation this morning Typing  replies under my name and also typing under my contacts name- so he had both sides of the conversation, How can I instantly trace his IP address and get his location and skype name so it can be handed into the authorities for actioning

Please send reply to my email xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

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gcapcm wrote:

1. How can I instantly trace his IP address and get his location and skype name so it can be handed into the authorities for actioning

2. Please send reply to my email xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx


1. We won't divulge a customer's IP address unless requested to do so by a law enforcement agency and then only to them. Please change your password immediately and report the incident here: Thank you.


2. As this is a public internet site for security and privacy reasons please don't publish any personal details. We don't respond to private e-mail addresses from the Forum.



I recommend that you always run the latest Skype version: Windows & Mac

If my advice helped to fix your issue please mark it as a solution to help others.
Please note that I generally don't respond to unsolicited Private Messages. Thank you.
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Skype is no longer secure since it went to MS. I am now receiving calls 5-6 times a day ( and night) from "SYSTEM COMPUTER REPAIR" , calls, etc. The settings were to receive only from my contacts. Either MS is selling out, or just don't care any more ... I am looking at alternatives already like Viber or Tango... Skype has already passed its time...
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So far as I am concerned, this site TOTALLY S3CKS!  Takes ages to find some place to get info, has NO Customer Service, virtually no place to get any info on anything, not to mention SKYPES constant hounding to "Buy Credit"!


I will NEVER pay a cent to any place that does not provide Customer Service!  TOTALLY avoided SKYPE until after eBay sold it off, and now only use it margainally to contact overseas friends and family.


SKYPE has the ABSOLUTE WORST mode of finding people that I have ever seen.  Cannot search by country..... gotta do a World Wide Search for a name and end up with several dozen "potential" person, with still no country associated with them, and than SKYPE thinks I AM GOING TO PAY FOR A SERVICE!  No Way Jose!

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I get Skype invites from all different parts of the world. I used to live in USA, MN and now I live in Germany, and I still get unwanted invites. I have several times gone into my settings and changed my status all to private. (Not to allow invites) but I still keep getting them.

This is a Skype web site so if your reading this, Make it stop!!

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Hi there! Can anyone explain me, a certain person is trying to add me in my skype and i dont know him. But apparently it shows in my history even though i never accepted his request, nor tried to message him and never tried calling him either. How is this possible? Please help. Thanks!
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I too are having strangers trying to talk to me on skype, i have everything set as it should be, but yet i get 2 or 3 men everyday wanting to chat to me. Please fix this security issue.


My block list is growing and growing, but why am i getting it if if i have people only in contact list checked.


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I have privacy set to contacts only. That never changes, is still correct every time I check it.  But occasionally strangers send me IM's or contact requests.  How do they even get my account name? I do not publish my online status to anyone except contacts only. Shouldn't my skype existance be a secret from the world somehow? Are they able to browze through Skype and see my profile despite my privacy settings?

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