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Random Contact Adds

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Casual Tourist

Okay I have received quite a few adds from people I don't know and I usually block them or ignore them because I don't use skype to contact random people - you never know what sort of trouble you can get into there. And Today I received a request from someone I thought was a part of a group I knew because, although I didn't know them by name, I'm involved in a couple things on Facebook that they might of seen my name and added me from -- especially since the person said she thought I was a cool person and lived near her. Which kinda suggests that she might have seen me on facebook or somewhere like that - so I added her, bad move. She said she was bad with Skype and then sent me a bunch of links to look at her profile on this random website - I've deleted her naturally. But is there any possible way I can make my profile so hidden that only people who know my email or actually skype name can add me? 

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Casual Tourist

I just got the same thing, and hit the web to find if Skype spam was a problem.


Anytime someone you don't know sends you a message that is totally generic, not actually referencing something specific to you, it is spam.

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