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My account suspended and Skype support is saying they can not fix

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Novel Tourist

I rarely use skype for paid phone calls or sms but recently noticed that such charged activities no longer work.


Apparently my account is suspended or at least suspended for any activities that require payment.


I am frustrated with Skype support as they are saying they can not unsuspend and can not return outstanding credit - THIS CAN NOT BE TRUE


Here is the online chat that I had with support:



Thank you for contacting Skype Customer Support!
4:41:35 PM System
Maila C. has joined this session!
4:41:35 PM System
Connected with Maila C.
4:41:35 PM System
Thank you for contacting Skype Customer Support!
4:41:45 PM Maila C.
Hello! I'm Maila. 
Welcome to Skype Live Support! What can I help you with?
4:42:37 PM ian.checkley
My account says it is suspended - and I want to know what have to do to unsuspend?
4:43:00 PM Maila C.
I understand that you wish to reinstate your account. Am I correct?
4:43:14 PM ian.checkley
4:43:35 PM Maila C.
I would be glad to assist you on this request.
4:43:39 PM Maila C.
Before we proceed, could you please tell me your first name and confirm if your username is ian.checkley so that I can check the correct account?
4:44:32 PM ian.checkley
Ian and yes ian.checkley
4:45:00 PM Maila C.
Thanks for the information.
4:45:04 PM Maila C.
Let me pull up your account now.
4:45:30 PM Maila C.
Thanks for waiting.
4:45:50 PM Maila C.
To further assist you on this request, may I transfer you to our specialist who handles this kind of issue.
4:45:55 PM Maila C.
May I transfer you now?
4:46:45 PM ian.checkley
4:47:10 PM Maila C.
Please stay connected while I transfer this chat session.
4:47:35 PM System
You are being transferred to another queue. Please stand by...
4:47:35 PM System
Maila C. has left this session!
4:47:40 PM System
Jonathan D. has joined this session!
4:47:40 PM System
Connected with Jonathan D.
4:49:02 PM Jonathan D.
Hello! My name is Jonathan D. Please allow me a few moments to review your previous chat. I’ll be with you shortly.
4:51:57 PM Jonathan D.
As you have mentioned you wish to reinstate your account from suspension, am I correct?
4:52:34 PM ian.checkley
4:52:43 PM ian.checkley
why was it suspended?
4:53:12 PM Jonathan D.
I'd do my best to help you out with your concern.
4:53:17 PM Jonathan D.
Please give me 2-3 minutes to pull up your account.
4:57:47 PM Jonathan D.
Are you aware of our Skype Manager account?
5:01:47 PM ian.checkley
5:01:59 PM Jonathan D.
I see.
5:02:11 PM ian.checkley
I am aware of Account Manager
5:02:47 PM Jonathan D.
Yes, that would be the one.
5:04:10 PM ian.checkley
For example when I try to buy credit I get "You are currently restricted from purchasing services or redeeming vouchers. Please contact Customer Support to review your account status."
5:04:47 PM Jonathan D.
I understand that.
5:05:22 PM Jonathan D.
As you have mentioned, you are aware that you're a member of a Skype Manager account, am I correct?
5:06:16 PM ian.checkley
Sorry do not know what you mean?
5:06:41 PM ian.checkley
I only have (as far as i know)a regular skype account
5:06:41 PM Jonathan D.
Okay, please allow me to further check on your account.
5:09:27 PM Jonathan D.
5:13:27 PM ian.checkley
5:14:27 PM Jonathan D.
Unfortunately, your account will be permanently restricted because the activity that has taken place within the account has violated our Terms of Use:

We have check the account and it was restricted. Our system triggered to restrict the account, Skype reserves the right to terminate or suspend accounts immediately if our policies have been violated.
5:16:27 PM ian.checkley
But this activity was not undertaken by me
5:17:02 PM ian.checkley
What activity?
5:17:24 PM ian.checkley
I have hardly used in the last 12 months
5:17:32 PM Jonathan D.
We regret to inform you that it's no longer possible to lift your account's restriction.
5:17:54 PM ian.checkley
Surely this is not true
5:18:35 PM Jonathan D.
From experience we know that certain actions are more associated with inappropriate activity on Skype than others. As a precaution we restricted an account if it gives us cause of concerns.
5:18:51 PM ian.checkley
At minimum - I need to know what activity has occurred on the account and to have outstanding credit balance returned.
5:19:40 PM ian.checkley
It apparently only stops me using services that require payment - is this correct?
5:20:27 PM Jonathan D.
Yes, that would be correct.
5:21:42 PM Jonathan D.
I'm really sorry If I'm unable to reinstate your account.
5:22:09 PM ian.checkley
So has someone been ripping me off and how can it be fixed?
5:22:44 PM ian.checkley
I CAN NOT BELIEVE that you can not fix whatever the problem is?
5:23:49 PM Jonathan D.
I'm sorry but your account will remain restricted, this means that you're unable to use this account to purchase from Skype.
5:24:12 PM ian.checkley
Possibly as i needed to update to new credit card due to bank change the existing registered credit card would be blocked - but this should not have been issue as there was still ~$15 credit
5:25:18 PM ian.checkley
SO 1) Can I update credit card details to fix? 2) How do I get existing credit back AND 3) Can you tell me all purchases over last 12-24 months
5:26:57 PM Jonathan D.
I'm afraid that I'm unable to tell you this, with regard to the purchases that has been made to this account, I would recommend that you contact your bank and file a dispute on this.
5:27:36 PM ian.checkley
And return of outstanding credit?
5:28:57 PM Jonathan D.
Yes, that would be correct.
5:29:14 PM ian.checkley
what would be correct?
5:31:11 PM Jonathan D.
I can assure you that your bank will be able to resolve this issue.
5:32:02 PM ian.checkley
Jonathan - I am not happy as I have done nothing wrong - how can I pursue this further - who in Skype do I contact ?
5:32:45 PM ian.checkley
Bank does not know how much credit is outstanding in my skype account - i.e. how much of what was transferred has not been used
5:33:11 PM Jonathan D.
Here's what I can do.
5:33:31 PM Jonathan D.
Please allow me to consult your issue to a higher department, is this okay?
5:33:47 PM ian.checkley
It would be easier to get my online baking account uns-suspended than skype - this is RIDICULUS!!
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Casual Tourist

Same issue here. Have you sorted it out?


Absolutely no idea what's going wrong but got a suspended account. They kept telling me the same thing " your skype manager violated our Terms of Use" but no more details. I can't believe they don't have the capability of  reinstating my account.

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Novel Adventurer

I was able to get mine unsuspended and then Skype suspends my account again

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