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My Account Suspended

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My account got suspended last month and when I chatted with the support they said they will investigate the issue and also mentioned that I could have shared my account with others, but actually I'm the only one who was using it. I told them that I have not shared with anyone, but they said they cannot see any details as they are restricted to see all details from system as my account is blocked by their security system.


As I have connected my account with Microsoft account and using it with my windows 8, I need my account to be re-activated it as early as possible.


my skype name is : [Removed by Moderator to protect privacy]



Just remembered that I accessed my account and made calls from India when I visited there (Mid November to december begining and my accound suspended in December 14th), and I'm currently residing in Singapore. Could that be a reason for suspending my account?


Note: I have also accesed my account from different states in India during my stay, and I have always used my iPhone application to access during my visit.

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Community Manager Emeritus
Hi Elangovan,

looks like your account has been unblocked already. Can you confirm?


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I cannot find any records of you contacting Skype chat support to get your account unblocked.

Please follow the instructions here:

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Routine Adventurer

Hi Claudius, Thanks for the reply. I have contacted skype chat service morethan 3 times so far, I have even contacted an hour before posting my question.




Routine Adventurer
Hi Claudius, I have contacted Skype chat support once again to confirm, they say, they cannot unblock...

Routine Adventurer



Is there any update on my issue? or atleast someone help me to get my microsoft account disconnected from skype account?




Community Manager Emeritus
Hi Elangovan,

looks like your account has been unblocked already. Can you confirm?


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Hi Cladius,

Yes, it is unblocked now.

Thanks a lot for your confirmation.

Routine Adventurer

Hi Cladius,


I have just noted that my subscription is also expired during my accound suspention period and now I'm not able to re-activate my subscription. I have a re-activate link, upon clicking on that it takes me to buy new subscription instead of re-activating it. I have recieved email stated taht "you can reactivate your subscription up to 90 days after it has expired" when the subscription expired. 


Can you help to get solution for this problem too?






Casual Adventurer

My account is also suspended.

I contacted several times with customer service, but nobody can help me.

The latter is the following:

20:42:25 Maria Rona N.
Hello! Welcome to Skype Live Support! My name is Maria Rona. How can I help you?

20:44:13 avacari
I accidentally deleted an account "Skype Manager".
This account was associated with a "Live Messenger" e-mail to login.
I can not register or log in to Skype. Even using the e-mail that was associated with your Skype account.
But I'm connected to this account on Live Messenger now.
I believe this is occurring because the e-mail (MSN) associated with "Skype account" was excluded.
You can unlock the old Skype account or somehow disassociate my email account to associate again with another Skype account?

I can not connect to the Skype application or user "Skype" or via e-mail (MSN).

But I would at least use my e-mail to create a new account, which is also blocked.

20:56:44 avacari
I need to retrieve my Skype account and also the Live Messenger account.
Especially because my contact data (e-mail, photo, phone, etc.) are recorded and can not even change them.
Please try to understand and help.

20:57:25 Maria Rona N.
I understand how important this account for you and how important it is for us in this case.

20:58:45 Maria Rona N.
Andre, at check their records shows that your Skype account "avacari" is currently suspended for being excluded from Skype Manager.
I'm really sad, Andre. However, as much as we want to help you with your order, we will not really be able to reactivate your account Skype for you since this has already been deleted. Please understand that once account was deleted. Can no longer be reactivated.

20:59:54 avacari
ok, I just wanted to dissociate the Skype Manager to facilitate placement of credits.
But my e-mail account is active Live Messenger!

21:00:48 Maria Rona N.
I understand that, well, Andre. However, it will be unable to process this request once that your account has been deleted. Meaning, there is no other way for us to get your account back.

21:00:53 avacari
I logged now.

21:01:05 Maria Rona N.
Yes, it is still active. What was deleted is your Skype account "avacari."
Meaning to say, you can no longer use this account since this has already been eliminated, Andrew.
I'm really sad, Andre.
As much as we want to help you with your concern, we will not really be able to get your account back.

21:02:03 avacari
You can erase my personal data?

21:02:40 Maria Rona N.
Yes, that is possible only if your account is still not deleted. However, since it has been eliminated. There is no way to delete your personal information on the account.

21:04:03 avacari
Unlink my Live Messenger account (Skydrive, hotmail, etc) account dead?
This is a system error that returns on research profile skype nonexistent.

21:05:15 Maria Rona N.
We are deeply sorry, but we are not able to process your order from any of your Skype account has been deleted. Therefore, it will not be able to unlink your account Live Messenger from your Skype account.
I'm really sorry, Andre

21:06:01 avacari
Can pass my complaint to a higher level for technical analysis?

21:06:15 Maria Rona N.
I understand. However, there is nothing we can do about it since your account has been deleted, Andrew. If only we can reactivate it for you, we would have done it.
However, since your Skype account is already deleted without chances to reactivate again. I'm really sad.
If you want, you can send your complain to this email:

21:07:32 avacari
I understand. Thanks for your attention and helpfulness.

21:07:55 Maria Rona N.
Thank you for your understanding also, Andre.
Is there anything else I can help you with today, beyond this?

21:08:34 avacari
No thanks.

21:08:50 Maria Rona N.
Alright. Have a good evening to you, Andrew.
If you have any other questions or concerns, do not hesitate to contact us again and I'll be more than happy to help you.
We value your feedback. Please be aware that we will ask you some questions after closing the window chat about their experience with us today.
When ready, click the "Exit" button.

21:09:12 avacari

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