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Message from Skype (to me) in a foreign language

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Every so often, I get messages from Skype in what appears to be Chinese language (and/or some other oriental language if not chinese), I can only guess is Chinese language by the symbols used in the letters but obviously because I do not speak Chinese and/or any of those particular (oriental) languages I can not understand what the letters are all about.  Sometimes when I add credit to my account I will get one such letter (again in what appears to be Chinese language) but includes the amount added to my account so I can somehow identify what the letter is all about, but a couple of days ago I received another letter in what appears is (again) Chinese language but with hardly anything on it I could understand, and my question is why is that if my language of choice is English I am receiving letters (from Skype) in Chinese.  What can I do about this and how can I have any correspondence from Skype coming to me be in English only.  I need to fully understand what Skype is trying to communicate with me, and using a language foreign to me does me no good.  What gives and how can this be fixed?

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Is there is any possibility that you originally set up your account in the P.R.C., whereby your account may "think" it is in that country?  Regardless, please report this to Skype Customer Service soonest. contact customer service 


Until this is resolved, I do not recommend you add more credit to your account. Further, change your account password immediately, ensure all of your computer operating system's updates and patches are downloaded and installed, and update your preferred anti-virus/malware/spyware software and run it.

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I've got the same thing

I changed my password immediately, but the messages keep coming in.

Do I simply ignore?

I'm reluctant to put any credit on skype because it's not the first time the account has been hacked.


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I approached Skype with the same problem, but they couldn't help and told me it was to do with my ISP. I have not changed any of my settings or been to China.





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that is what happened to me I do not know if it is in Chinese, but I cannot read it. Iwant English
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I have been using Skype for more than a year. Suddenly the messages began coming in Cinnese

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You will need to contact Skype Customer Service and put in a request to change the e-mail sending language.

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