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Just had a Skype user try to BLACKMAIL me

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Novel Adventurer

Two weeks ago, a user blackmail me on Skype. Show me a video of me naked (i was to stupid to do this) and send me a list of my facebook friends saying that will post the video on youtube, and will send to all my friends. I'm so afraid, i don't know what to do!! In the last two weeks i didn't received anything from the user, but i'm afraid that may be he will post the video! Please help me!!!! please!!!

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Casual Adventurer

No need for an of that people. They are full of *** ! Just delete all contact forms with that person. And clear your head. don't worry okay! READ MY PREVIOUS POST :happy:


just saying!




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Novel Adventurer

I try to think like you, but this problem is every day in my head!! :S I wake up every day with the fear that he send the video to my friends or family. I delete all way of contact, but i'm afraid ! :s

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Casual Adventurer

it's okay. I think it's normal that you think like that! I just hope you get your mind of it soon

have a little faith ! just learn from this mistake, like I and probably a lot of others have. 

It also might be good to talk about it with someone. And I don't mean tell what happened, but just say that you made a mistake, and you're upset about it. A good friend won't keep asking what happened. All they want to know is if you're doing better after a while! 


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Novel Adventurer

But do you think that i'm safe? Two weeks and nothing happen...But i'm afraid that he use my images to do other things, i don't know... When happen to you? 

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Novel Tourist

username: (removed for privacy)


   first name::Leo
   Last Name: Dela Cruz
   Country: Philippines
   City address: Fairview quezon city block 8 lot 9
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Novel Tourist

hey im blake and this has just happened to me too, i saw your post and hope that for me and you that deleting the account will work. i have a question. did it? did deleting the account avoid the people your closest to from seeing the video please answer back asap

email at blakehen [removed for privacy] please

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Casual Tourist

same thing happened to me, girls usernam was Natalia Minde, she say she will send the video to my friends!! so i took down my fb page and blocked her so now its just wait and see right? anyone who really got their videos send?!

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Casual Tourist

I got hit yesterday. I have no idea how they found my facebook. I stupidly have had my feiends list available !!! I have at the moment deactivated my FB . I left a message first though saying roughly what had happened ( omitting that there may be a nude video!  I'm not so sure they have a video or not yet)

 I was on and got messaged by a girl , sounded so genuine. But on hindsight she or he didnt show her cam on there . They only did a chat type ..we swapped Skype ID's .. I actually added her shym.gomez ... He or she played the game really well. When they played the video the typing seemed to match the movement in the video. She asked if we could have fun. I been single 3 years and eventually agreed after being surprised by the request. She then got naked . Im not clear if I showed everything but I think I may have. We got cut off. The connection was rubbish thankfully.. But later that evening I got a call from the scammer .. When he/she said a few things I started getting suspicious. The talking was very male .. He / she called . It looked like the same a s before and I knew straight away it was fake. I asked her to put her finger in her mouth which she obviously didnt ... then the person got rude and annoid.. I called them a scamming you know what. At which point they said  '' what if I told you I recorded you earlier'' and then sent a load of url's from my facebook of my family and friends !  I blocked them straight away before anything else got said. I then went to FB and shared a post ..then de activated my account. I have gone back on to check if any messages were left but there are none thankfully. 

I share a famous name , and I have a web presence in certain areas of business. So to say the least I am bricking myself. At the same time though. I actually couldn't care less if they posted a video. I would just own up and say  to my friends and family..'' hey I am only human '' and I got caught by a very clever scammer / black mailer...... So far nothing has shown up on any other social media things I have but I am tonight considering deleting them tube etc... 


What amazes me is they found my facebook easily and got my friends list. Its not anybody I added recently . It was from outside FB , so they must have a FB account to be able to see in mine! So they will be traceable. I suppose it may have been easy because my skype user name is similar to my name. I am thinking of creating a new skype account. I will be using a sudo name for sure !!!! Joe Bloggs or whatever and not my name !!!!!! I may even do the same with my facebook ..  


I am left with a horrible sick feeling in my gut.. Mostly from the thought of my young nephews or neices seeing a video of me.. That would be bad I suppose. 


So my advixce is change all your passwords and maybe consider creating completely new online presence in a new name or sudo name. Its such a hassle but my God I would rather not be contacted. 

Im hoping that blocking them and de activating FB is enough for them to go after another person ( I hope no one gets caught out ! ) 

My phone number was on my Skype and FB page as well and every time a text bleeped or my phone rang my stomach jumped )-: 

Good luck everyone or anyone .. And if any one knows for sure that they dont hunt you down please let me know. I will certainly keep posting any news !! 

And change any security setting you have on Skype or FB so no one can contact you in the future  in that way !! 

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Novel Adventurer

Hey. Well I was blackmailed two day ago. And it was quite strange. She gave me a link to youtube but it wasn't my video, it was someone else and started to threaten me that she will post it using his partner to my fb friends. But she never mentioned anything about my FB friends. Plus i don't think if she will post it or upload it youtube because she can make also private youtube( only people can see it with link). What do you think? She showed me my video on a call... It was on her cam. What's going on? Or is it something new?

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