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Internet Blackmail HELP ME PLEASE!

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My Skype Username [Removed to maintain confidentiality]


Last night/ earily this morning

A stranger messaged myskype account last night and I thought nothing of it because I used to recieve stranger messages on other messagers like yahoo.


They said hello

I chatted back, it was some girl on the other end who in little time was in nothing. I was just in my bed ...embarring to say in nothing already just ready for bed bc I had to work at 10am today.


Then the person changed the video to a feed of myself in nothing. They showed they recorded the video feed without my permission. And started making demands I was told it be would uploaded it to my Fiance, Friends and Family. I am assuming the person means over my facebook. If I didnt follow there directions I was told to go to certain sites and fill out various info. They said if I listened they would delete the video. After about a hour of more of this because i was scared i filled out the sites that in the end took me to various cam sites. My card started declining. So I thought I would be let go of this


The person started typing to me that I need to go to a Western Union and send them 200 dollars, I pleaded and said I have no money to send. The person continued and said okay then 100 dollars I pleaded and begged and said I have no money.

I was told I have until sometime today and then they logged off.


I am hoping Skype traces messages or has some sort of log on ip addresses

If I recall (I am at work) I think the persons name on vid chat was a Abbey. It was my only chat at that time.


I hid the conversation on my skype out of embarassment.

After the person was gone I called every phone number on all the websites to cancel the porn subscriptions. One of the sites took me to a cam site where the pic was there of the girl I am trying to recall the name but it was a Anna Cherry I think. on a Camforyou. site that I saw over the skype cam. I am thinking it was a prerecorded of her. And I was asked to tip that person but my card had already declined.


After cancelling the subscriptions I found out my card was in the negative and I didnt know what to do but to go to the bank before work to but it in the positive so I dont have fees.


I just got off the phone with Huntington Bank and had my card canceled and I informed them of the situation. My Case # is [Removed to maintain confidentiality.]


So far I dont think anyone was sent an upload of the video.

But I was told I had until today to come up with the money. But I wasnt told a time.

I dont plan on sending the message but I am praying if there is any way to help me you can.




[Name removed to maintain confidentiality.]




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For your safety and protection, never, ever include personally identifiable information such as your real name, e-mail address or telephone number, or order/transaction numbers in a post on a public Community or forum such as this.


Here is a link to the instruction to contact Skype Customer Service:

contact customer service


You may also consider filing with your local law enforcement agency.


Changing all account passwords, running your preferred anti-virus/malware/spyware software and performing full system updates should also be considered.




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Did they post any video in the end?

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So this happen to me a few days ago. I'm also paranoid about this whole thing. I won't go in details and it's pretty much the same story of the guy before except I was at 800$ but this girl was Emily Winston from London England and he knows my name not the middle but first and last name if mine he got a hold of my Facebook friends and links to there page and threaten to send the video to there inbox. So I deleted my Facebook account and sent a mass email to all of them that I got blackmailed and told them if you receive anything delete it and don't open he also posted on a gay porn site and also said YouTube I know that sooner or later it will be flag or reported on there. So I guess now what I'm asking what do I do to put me at ease is there anyone I should call? I did call the cops and said there nothing we can do, what I'm still paranoid about is if he will actually post the videos? How also do I get it off that porn site and I stopped talking to him at 7pm last night and he kept responding until this morning around 9ish so I'm pretty scared and paranoid about this whole thing. So any help and pointers would be great! BTW this guy said he was from morroco and his name Baderddine Riade I know this because I was freaking out so much I was actually gonna pay him.
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Hi Bearski, I'm here to help you. I have been through the same situation that you are going through right now, and I'm here to tell you that you will overcome this. I went through the same threats and everything that you been facing through the last few weeks. And the same thing happen to me too! but it happen 7 months ago. I can help you through this and by the way. don't send any money to the blackmailer. block him right away and stop all communication. and also I want you to go to this website called they help people who have gone through problems like this and more. tell them 911 sent you. I hope that helps if you contact them they will put the paranoid you are going through to easy.

hi.i met this guy sometime last year.we did chat almost everyday until he asked me to get naked.i refused at first;bt after months of chatting with him n always seeing him on cam I finally agreed bt later stopped.3weeks ago he said he wanted to proof how much he loved me by coming to visit me in my country.on arrival date he send me a text saying i should call him as he had problems in Malaysia.i called,he said he had with him extra cash n he was advised if he paid 7000dollars they will let him connect his flight;he asked me to send 3000 as he had 4000.i told him i didnt hve the cash;i asked the details of his flight-was at the airport then so i went to the immigration office n found out that all passengers boarded.i played along n told him i didnt hve cash.yesterday he met online n he was blaiming me for leaving him in he also contacted me showing some videos of me i didnt send 1000dollars before end of week,he will come to my office n expose not going to send the money but i want to get even before he makes real his threats.he has my proffessional details .pls advise
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I was blackmail on Skype last night. This lady ask me to show my area to her an I did then she record the video and said she would send them to my Facebook friends and type there names and she asked for. I deactivated Facebook and block on Skype. I don't know what to do this can ruin my life
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I'm really glad I found this, and that you all posted. I thought I was alone. I'm in the same state - I have to do what he wants or he'll show pics, clips, emails, and chats on a facebook page. We talked for 4 years, so it was only in the end that I agreed to send a pic, then he's made a fb page and sent me the link. I closed my FB account, but he already has my children's pages. He says if I don't give in, he'll send them the link - or worse, post something of me on their walls. 

I had to tell my kids - they are 18, so no protection from the law - and ask them to up their FB security. and to expect emails or messages about me.

Now he's threatening to do worse ... I'm all tied up in knots.

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I have been a victim to skype blackmail

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