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Inappropriate contact with a minor

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Casual Adventurer

I have become aware of a 44 year old man having inappropriate contact with a 16 year old girl through Skype. I have tried to email customer support, but they do not understand and think I am trying to access personal data. They continue to say they cannot disclose any personal info. I DON'T WANT ANY PERSONAL INFORMATION. I WANT TO INFORM YOU THAT A POTENTIAL CRIME IS BEING COMMITTED.


Please contact me. 


Re: SP001-000: Inappropriate contact with a minor <<#1533086-2424617#>>

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Casual Adventurer

Well, I emailed Skype abuse and I guess that unless the minor complains there is nothing that can be done.





Kindly note that Skype account can be created starting the age of 16.


Kindly note that any harresment happends the one who had this harresment should contact us.<<

Novel Tourist



wonder if you may be able to help me actually.  I am trying to report an inappropriate contact with a minor (9 years old) by a 45 year old male but am really struggling to find a contact e-mail address or phone number for Skype - can you point me in the right direction please??


Dear Readers,


You may send the details of your report to Skype using this e-mail address:


You may also contact your local law enforcement agency for direction; hopefully in your jurisdiction the police may be helpful in such situations.




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