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Identity Theft

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Novel Tourist
A couple of monhs ago I received a notice that my (free) account had been suspended for spupicious behavior or something to that effect. Since I have rarely used the service in the ten years or so I've been on, I ignored this. Someting later though I got curious and made inquiry. After about 30 minutes of discussion it seemed the only way to reinstate the account was to submit the actual date I had established the account. Good luck with that. 


So, I just deleted the app from my computer. There are reasonable and plentiful alternatives for my level of use. BUT


Today I received and email from Skype ( that started out like this:


 “Hi there rgharrison1388,


Congratulations on joining Skype! Now you can enjoy the magic of free face-to-face calls, instant messaging, screen sharing and so much more — all with Skype."


It was addressed to my main email address, the one I use with all my accounts, including Skype when I had the account.


I have no idea who or what ‘rgharrison1388” is. So, I followed the welcome link and attempted to sign in with the idea of disabling the account if I could.


I ‘forgot’ my password and asked for a reset. I received it and was subsequently informed that my email address is associated with this account and my old one – rgharrison. I asked that the reset be applied to …1388. Again, I do not know who this rgharrison1388 is but I want my email address detached from it and then removed from your data files.


I tried figuring out how to send this info to you directly and had no luck. So here it is in this forum.


I will sincerely appreciate some positive action on this issue and promise never to darken your doorstep again – especially if you reciprocate.


(The actual) rgharrison

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