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ISP Tracking

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I am perplexed and wondering if my ISP can track my Skype usage. or if they can see i am using specifically skype. I know they can track websites and monitor it, but for privacy concerns I m unsure if my ISP is also doing the same with Skype.

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I'll take a whack at a general answer to your question.


You ISP can, if they want to, tell you're using Skype.  They can tell what IP addresses you connect to and would be able to identify some that are used by Skype.


In addition, I expect that they would be able to see the IP address you're connecting to on a voice or video call.  Such is the nature of the Internet. 


However, there's no way they can listen to or see your calls when they're in progress, and they can't read your Instant Messages.


If it would let you sleep any better, you may be able to use a VPN to connect to Skype.  Your ISP would know that you're connecting to the VPN but they wouldn't be able to see what traffic is flowing over the VPN.


Seems to me that unless you really have something to hide, there's nothing to worry about.  And I say that being something of a privacy freak myself.

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Thank you So much. The problem is that My internet usage has been high over the past few months because i am using my home wifi to use skype. I have been talking to my gf over skype and my parents would now like to call the ISP and ask where is all the bandwidth. I am hoping they wont blatently answer that its being used by all the skype being used at your house...I hope u understand my situation slightly better now...

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Yes, I understand better and I have to confess that I had to chuckle at it.


I'd suggest that if you're using bandwidth your parents are paying for, they're entitled to know what the bandwidth is being used for.  Maybe you should just fess up and not wait for the ISP to tell them where their bytes have been going? 


Good luck.

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I am sure u chuckled :p


Confession is not possible, I guess will have to wait and see how it goes. Bt thanks, really appreciate your help!

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QUESTION??  If an employer calls for a skype call can they see what ISP I am broadcasting from via skype?  I am nervous about this as I want support from an mentor for this process and it would be easier for me to do this from his house?  Can they ssee where I am at?  It was asked if I be at my home computer when this call occurs to video veryfy things.  They can verify easily enough at this sattelite location.  Help my if possible during this tenous process I am going through!  Thank You!

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Yeah..."nothing to worry about," because there really is "nothing to worry about" unless you live in Iran and anything considered political activism or un-islamic can mean jail time...then there's a lot to worry about.

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I have a question. My ISP can tell me which skype account name I used to sign in to skype?

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Someone can answer to my question, please?

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