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IMPORTANT: Any one can Hijack my Account?

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Novel Tourist

I have came to knw from one of the well reputed resource that Skype Account can be easily compromised only if you know their email addresses. What is this?
I mean How could you assure the security and privacy of your clients?

The link to the website where it is stated is
[invalid URL]


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Novel Adventurer

Same here. Give me back my account!!!

Former Staff

Hi mrhammadasif,


Thanks for reporting this to us, as a precaution we have temporarily disabled our password reset process. For more on this issue please keep an eye on this post.

Novel Tourist

I am really worried. I read in news that skype account can be easily stolen. Is there anything to be done?

Former Staff
Hi epks789,

We have disabled the password reset process to stop people from using the vulnerability that you read about. To stay updated on what we're doing to fix this issue please follow the post I linked to above.
Novel Tourist
What about accounts that are already hacked?
Former Staff

Hi Icxs,


While the password reset process is disabled you won't be able to change the password and regain access to your account. 


We apologize for the inconvenience and are working on getting the password reset process back up as soon as possible, please keep an eye on the sticky post for updates throughout the day.

Novel Tourist

Yes this was/is possible and it has been so for apparently the last 3 months if not more. It just surfaced today. This is a blunder of epic proportions, and I hope they will finally start taking security as serious as possible, not only words on forums and whatnot.


Speaking of security holes I hope this reaches somebody somewhere at Skype and they address the very very long known issue of clear IPs which can set a clear path for DDOSing and more. You need to get your act together guys, this is beyond embarassing!

Routine Adventurer
I would also note that this vulnerability is known for a long time and has been reported to Microsoft several times already.

It would be interesting to see how quickly that would be handled. If Skype has securoty problem of that scale, it's too unreliable to use it for anything of importance.
Casual Tourist

Is account secure now? Reported this in August after losing sing £10 credit. Changed password to very secure password only to have broken in 3 hours (3times). Told couldn't get money back as my fault, ants that my macbook must not be secure. Went out and bought norton antivirus for mac for £40, only to find no virus, will I be able to get any wasted money back now?

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