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I need to know what IP address my Skype account has been accessed from

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Two of my computers have been stolen. I want to know what IP addresses my Skype account has been accessed from starting from 16 September. 


Who do I ask to find out?


The Skype website is infuriating, it sends users round in circles.


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Casual Adventurer
you will need to contact the police to send a request to skype supports to let u know who used ur skype account or if there is someone else is opening ur skype ... while all other applications provide this as a basic tool for privacy ( gmail , facebook,MSN )
I'm really confused about this
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I had the same problem it appeared I had someone using a form of hack that could control skype from within my pc so he could send viruses and then make my skype accept them its quite serious.


because this hack can actually get someone in trouble.

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francisuk22 wrote:

Yeah thanks for the information because I have had malicious people hacking into my pc sending unwanted stuff through my pc and it could end up being something illegal and Ile check out the peerblock do you know if VPN's work?

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Skype Ip Finder (via skype username only):



IP Proxy Detector :


Hope this was helpfull (:

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till now skype is the worst in personal protection...
a lot of people hacked while the have no idea that someone else accessing thier account

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