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I find how to get back your account that was hacked.

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HEY GUYS, I got My account back,  I try all stupid forms that skype ask you to fill.. so.. 

here what you have to do.. 


1st get a new account with an email from same domain .. in my case I have my onw domain, so I load new email account. 

2., add as many contact as you can from your old account ., ask same peopel to add you . 


3,. go and fill the form and feel all fileds, try to be exactr, in my case I had first skype at 2003,, so I couldnt remmber the date or email tha I sign up.. 


4. skype will send you saying they cant do anything as your info is not correct .. dont worry , keep sending emails to the person who respont. try to show that you are the owner 


5. in my case. I ask them to put back the email account that was befor the update, most time the hackers will update your email and password, but skype know your past emails, .. 


6. after 5 days, I am sure if you not give up, you will get your account back, as skype will send you a request email for update the password from the past email account.. 


so.. I think .. you can try . and dont get upsat, I get my account back. and realy all what I provide, beside my contacts was incorrect . 


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