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How to tell if someone is blocking you?

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Well, I did What a few people have said above about checking if someone had blocked you. So I right clicked on the contact that I thought that blocked me and so I saw a few options like, View Profile, Call , Video call, and Sms video and then there were two things that I saw, send SMS Message and Send Voice Message ( SMS Message and Sned Voice Mail was like black out or grey. ) So Yea.
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Send a voicemail, not "leave" one
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the skype logo green icon that appears beside each contact put your mouse cursor over it if it only shows "this person has not shared their details with you"

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Hi , thanks for all your explanation. that is exactaly what i wanna know.

but i still have one thing didnt figure it out .


if someone has blocked me,i still can see his/her account on my contact list , also as we know the profile staues shows offline. at this situation maybe has two means , one is this person really didnt online , so it will be showing offline , other reason is this person has blocked me . right ?   


 but sometimes when he/she sign in skype , i can get them notification for online . also can find them on my contact list. before if they didnt online , also on my contact list , just offline. the first thing is i am sure that they didnt delete me  first, cuz i didnt see "this person didnt ........"so that's why i am thinking maybe someone who has deleted me from this point.


thanks for ur time , i am waiting your reply , thanks so much .

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No he has not blocked you. The grey circle pretty much lets you know that the message has not yet been read. It has been sent but not read. Once the recipient has read your message the grey circle will disappear. However, if they do not log onto skype or read their messages after a specific length of time then a red exclamation mark will appear to explain that message had failed, this simply means that the time period given for recipients to read an unread message has basically expired. Similiar to when someone leaves you a voicemail. Voicemails are automatically deleted after a specific period of time and this includes those you have not yet listened to but have been delievered to your phone.  How sure am i in regards to the skype grey circle 100%. I have been using skype for over 10 years and when my friends and i are messaging on skype or when i have sent someone a message the circle disappears instantly once they have clicked on the message to read it.  In regards to the skype tick sign with no colour inside, it simply means they are not online. Although skype allows us to although when we are online to choose a setting that shows contacts otherwise the fact you still have a grey circle...etc simply means he has not yet read the message you have sent him.  Chin up and if he does not get in touch with you some how don't sweat it, move onwards. There could be a reason as to why he has not yet gotten back to you but remember guys are not like girls they do not always respond instantaneously, just a fact of life.  Don't sit around forever waiting for him to get back to you.  Regards Lexy x

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p.s if there is a question mark in grey by there name it means they have not yet shared their contact details with you which would mean yes most likely sadly they may have removed you from their list..
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when i try that even when im block or the person is offline says the same the person is unavialable
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i tried the voicemail thing it says the same as it says when some1 is off line it says the person is unavialable it says that also for a blocked person so how do u rly tell

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I dont think this this is true... I done it to someone who I think might have blocked me,and yes it did come up as cannot send, but I also done it to some of my friends and family, and it came up the same, and they definitely hadnt blocked me..

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I can see the persons personal mood status still and I can still see their picture, but the icon says their offline. Does that mean I have been blocked? Note: This person logs on rather irregularly 

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