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How to delete chat history from every computer/device COMPLETELY?

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I have a problem with deleting history completely. I would like to know how to do this.


Here is my problem: When i delete the history inside skype settings, it just deletes history from "this computer" but when i log in to another computer it shows up there! I have tried to delete it allready on 5 computers but the history is still there when i log in to another computer/phone!


So my question is, can some admin from skype delete all my history completely or can i do it by my self so the history is gone 100% and cannot be found again on another computer? 


If some admin can do it for me, i would like him to contact me! 

Or if a knowledge skype using member knows how to do, Reply this message then!

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Novel Tourist

Hi, does it work on all computers that you have used just doing it in one computer?

Novel Tourist

hi, did you get an answer to your querry?  i have the same problem,  i wanted to completely delete the history of chat on all devices. 


i hope you would share it so i can apply it as well.


thank you

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