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How to delete a sent video message

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I've read somewhere on Skype that if you have sent a video message (those new ones that can be 3 inutes long), then it's not possible to delete them again, so no one can see them. As far as I know, the videos are stored at Skype (that's also why persons can retrive the video on a Skype website using a pincode), and not on the receivers computer, so it should be possible for the person, who have uploaded the video to Skype, to delete it again. Just as you do on other filesharing platforms.

My question: Is it possible to delete the viseo recordings? If not, why?

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i have the same question, can anyone help?

Is there a solution to this I am actually looking at it, however eneded up with no options.

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Yeah, I really need help with this too Accidently sent a singing vid to my enemy, OH NO!!!
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Thanks for help and although I followed it and deleted history, I don't think that has deleted the message video message I've sent to someone - just deleted it from my screen - anyone know?

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No, the message is only deleted from your PC. That option only cleans your local history.

If you access your account from another PC/phone or any other device, it is still there.

Still looking for an option to delete it myself.

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Same issue here, I haven't found an answer anywhere and I cant delete the video from skype...
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sign in to skype,, go to the tools menu and click the menu 'options.' Go to the privacy tag and select the drop down menu near the 'clear history' option. Then select the 'no history' or you can select whichever date history you want to delete. Next click the 'clear history' button next to it, a pop window will appear and click 'delete' for confirmation. Afterwards press the 'clear skype cookies' and the n click 'save.'
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Could I review my video message by seeing and hearing what I have said before sending to the sender?:happy:

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