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How to Delete List of "Recent Chats"?

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Under the "Chat" drop-down menu, Recent Chats shows a list of contacts I recently chatted with. Can anyone tell me how to delete that list of contacts (whether or not they're in my contact list). I know how to delete chat history but I want to delete the list of names in Recent Chats.



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Hi Support,

Come on,  please lets have an answer to to this. Who asked you to show whoever is looking over my shoulder all my recent contact Icons on the right hand panel!!!?? On Android they pop up again and again even if I close the conversation

Its the same problem as on Chrome!  If you can remove them with an X click Skype then puts up all updates from xyz are now hidden, but there is no delete x box for the ICONs at the top of the page.  Also - can we have selective deletion of history by contact?? Is it still all or nothing; e.g. I don't want to delete history for every contact or no contacts. Furthermore I may want to delete history between two dates for all or selected contacts. Privacy and security are prime issues. Also why on earth do I have to try 3 times to close Skype - If i hit the X in the top right hand corner, I expect the Application to close - NOT minimise!!!!! and let some passer by search my history, change my password, hijack my account, phone Egypt etc.... Are yoiu guys so so so stupid that you deliberately leave a an app open when a user thinks they have closed it - GET A GRIP!!!

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How do you delete chat history???? Many people want to know this. Please give the answer)

Dear All,


To completely delete chat history and to clear the names on the Recent tab:


To close the Skype windows, indeed, click on the X.  Skype is designed to run in the background so that you can work elsewhere on your computer/device and still be signed on to receive calls and instant messages.  To sign out of the Skype client and shut down the application completely, starting at the menu bar above your Contacts list,

Click Skype -> Sign out.  Right-click on the Skype icon which appears in the "tray" or at the bottom of your monitor -> Quit Skype.


For Android devices, best practice would be to post enquiries on the Android message board:




P.S. Please note, I am a Win7 PC on Skype version

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For what it's worth, this did not answer the question.  Inserting a hyperlink to a page of vague, almost similar questions/hyperlinks/answers just isn't working.  Please answer the question.  How does one delete/remove the names from the drop down list called Recently Closed Conversations"?  Please give simple, direct answers.  No hyperlinks to similar questions, no references to other functions.  It's a simple question and very direct.  Please, this time, just answer it.

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How do you delete list of Recently Contacted from an I phone 4s?

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Try "long pressing" on each individual contact's name.  A little menu should then pop up and ask you if you either want to add that contact to your list of favorites or otherwise remove that contact from your list of recent chats.  (I am embarrassed to say how long it took me to figure this out.)  Hope this helps and good luck.

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 please help how to delete



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Tools->Options->Privacy->(somewhere in the right side under Keep history for)Clear history.

Hope this is what ya'll looking for.

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GOT THE ANSWER U LOOKING FOR!!!!!!!Just go to the drop down menu on recent chats, then hold the profile pic/icon on the person whom you wish to delete then at the bottom the it will give you opitions to either DELETE CHAT OR CANCEL!





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