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How do I unlink my Microsoft account from my skype account?

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Soooo... This is getting annoying :catmad: . Can someone please tell me where the duck can I find the unlink button for my microsoft account? I wasn't using my MS account since I don't know when 2 years maybe? and my brain kept saying "hey dude you should totally add that MS account you haven't even touched since Jesus was born?!". And you know what I did? I believed him and now I can't unlink that and keep getting IM's from people that I met in my previous life as a cave man! so please someone help me!

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Please Contact customer service and ask them to unlink your account.

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I have just contacted the customer support thanks for the quick reply. It's a pity that there is no unlink button on skype itself nor on my MS account page I mean everyone has it like Facebook, Twitter and stuff... so please put one on the next update shouldn't be that hard! Aren't you guys like merged services?there isn't even a Skype logo under Add/Manage service/s on MS profile page!? That's why I have at the end of my mail address... *sigh*
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