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How do I make my profile private?

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Casual Adventurer

I don't want to be contacted by anyone that isn't on my contact list.  This includes contact requests.  Is that possible?  I see on my profile a lot of "public".

Will Pittenger
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Power User

I think it is not currently possible to make your full profile private.  But you can choose which details will be shown to anyone, to your contacts only, or only to you in the Skype >> Profile >> Edit Your Profile page.

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Casual Tourist

How can I block him? He is a CREEPER:bigsmile:

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Novel Tourist

I have the same problem here, alot of people sending request which is looks like scam because they are all from military and high ranks. i keep blocking the request but it kept coming in different names. In edit profile there is no option to change it to contacts only. When I was using the older version of skype, there is option to change the profile status to public or to contacts only or just only me and my profile was set in contacts only at that time. When I upgraded to latest vesion, it didn't have that option anymore and my profile set on public. I don't want just anyone or any strangers sending me request to be friend with them. How to stop this?

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Reliable Adventurer

I have the same problem - can not make my profile "private". I think it is pathetic that Microsoft has taken that choice away from us. Even more pathetic is the fact that they show the word "public" next to our profile as if we have a choice to make it private. How misleading and devious can they be? I have signed up for a Premium account and after paying some $60.00 dollars for it I still can not have a choice to make my profile private - only visible to my contacts. I have a serious issue with this Microsoft violation of my privacy especially when I am paying for an upgraded subscription to Premium account. If Microsoft continues to ignore our requests for privacy of our profiles especially when we have signed up for paid subscriptions - Premium accounts, I am contacting my elected representatives as well as the AG's office in my state. You should all do the same. Microsoft is a great company but they must respect our basic rights to privacy. It should be our choice whether we want our profiles to be public or private and if public who can see it. Especially, if I or anyone else is paying for a subscription. Like telephone companies, the customer has the right to decide whether they want their name and telephone number published in the telephone directory or have it be unlisted / non published. The FCC and the FTC should also be contacted in this matter as Skype has become a means of communication like a phone line..The FCC and the FTC should establish the same rules for Skype as for regular telephone companies. But unless the public and Skype users who value their privacy start speaking up Microsoft will continue violating our right to privacy.

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Casual Tourist

This inability to make certain profile information "private" as we were previously able to do before skype was taken over by Microsoft is totally unacceptable. I was not aware that my information is now public, even if I wish it to be private - I do not have the ability to change it. Skype had that ability and Microsoft turned it off. It's about time Microsoft does the right thing and turn the choice back on!

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Casual Adventurer

same here and my boyfriend in switzerland its driving him nuts as he sees who tried to contact me this is stupidest site I have ever seen. How can you tolerate all the population to see your profile >???? its nonsense even with what we choose to show there only the date of birth and country and number of contacts you have that you can set to private its crazy and stupid pfff


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Novel Tourist

I am so tired of scam artist hookers from Ghana contacting me from out of the blue.  I want to be able to not have my name listed, as used to be the option.  One day, Microsoft will be sued for this lack of privacy, as something will happen really bad.... and it will be because there is no way to not be 'in the phonebook'..... stupid people.

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Reliable Adventurer

Microsoft is notorious in our days for ignoring customer feedback and consumer privacy rights. Yes, a lawsuit,a class action lawsuit for violating our rights and the law should be in order for this blunt violation of our rights. Yes, a class action lawsuit since so many of us are experiencing the same blunt violation of our right to privacy. I also have had creepy con artists trying to contact me via Skype. Our profiles are ours for us to decide whether we want them private or public. Again, Microsoft has changed this - Skype used to give us the option in the past. And devious Microsoft places the word "public" next to our profiles making it look and sound as we have a choice to make it private. SHAME ON YOU MICROSOFT! LEAVE OUR PROFILES ALONE AND SWITCH THEM BACK TO PRIVATE AS WE HAD THEM BEFORE YOU MICROSOFT TOOK OVER SKYPE.


Since all these crooks are trying to contact us with all sorts of scams from Africa and elsewhere for that matter, we should also report this to FBI's Internet Crime division.

Please contact the FCC, FTC, your state Attorney General's Office of Consumer Affairs, your state elected representatives, and your State's Cable and Telecommunications Agency. They will probably tell you thet Skype is not falling under their jurisdiction because it is not a telephone company (the say the same thing about cell phone companies) but the more noise we make the more attention the Microsoft crappy and devious way of conducting business will get. Skype IS a telecommunications entity and it should comply with the same privacy regulations as telephone companies. Call the FCC and the FTC as well as the BBB.


On a different note, I have been subjected to intrusive air ads while on a call on Skype. It has happened to me several times over the last months or so that while on a Skype call hear advertisements in the background. Once, I got a third party on my call with my sister...A gynecology medical office was leaving a message for a patient telling her that they have her pregnancy test results, to please call their office. They did not of course leave the results on the phone but still, what about if the person did not want anyone ot know that they even went to the doctor to test to see if pregnant. It was really creepy. I hope no one else is listening to my conversations while on Skype..That is all we need - 3rd party conversations and ads while we have private conversations...


I think stupidity is the norm at Microsoft in our days. They took away our right to make our profiles private and with the recent updates to Skype they have opened our system ports to all sorts of questionable "traffic". That is why all this crap gets in the way. If you go to Skype settings and also on your firewall permission you will see how many ports including Universal Plug and Play crap Skype uses..


Please contact the Microsoft Corporate and demand that they tun back on our right to keep our Skype profiles private. And do not stop there...Contact all above agencies and keep fighting to protect your rights to privacy, especially if you pay for a premium subscription and you subscribe to a Skype Number to go. That is like having a telephone number account. You should have the right to have it unlisted and your profile private. The same way you pay the telephone company to have an unlisted / unpublished number.

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Dear Readers,


Please remember that there is nothing forcing us to include information which by default appears as "public" on those profile settings.  Simply leave each field as blank or not specified.  Please see the screen shot, below.  In the case of a picture or "avatar," set to contacts only. 


I am not seeking to launch a war of words with anyone; in fact, I strongly recommend regularly checking all websites that you have registered on or for - particularly social networking websites - to ensure your privacy settings appear as you wish.


Best regards,




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