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How do I delete a sent video message?

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Basically, I did something stupid. I do singing and I didn't have enough data on my iPod to record my voice and play it back so I used a video message and planned NOT to send it. It pointed at my face and I sang a song. I accidentally pressed send and HOPEFULLY the person hasn't seen it. I need to delete it because the person I sent it to is a good friend but I am so scared! I need to get this off of her messages, like, urgently! Please please please I am so scared.

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same thing happened to me, though i was beatboxing xD
i was scared as all living **bleep**
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Sorry; but does NOT work to delete a sent video message on Skype....does anyone have a simple solution to this problem?
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It's not possible to delete sent Video messages. They are saved on the network servers and can't be deleted.

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How to deleted my video message s please halp me ...?
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What do I need to do to delete those video message I have send it, although I have cleared my history, do I need to cobract skype or any other step, please help me
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