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Has my account been hacked?

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Between these issues and others mentioned on the board I can't stress enough to other Skype users that using any of the paid features of Skype is a dangerous undertaking. Skype has shown it is clearly lax in terms of security for its customers.

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I am the owner of Katoli Consulting - our Skype account was hacked and we found that someone had allocated credit to others - we have lost over £100. We have secure systems and therefor was not a PC that was cloned or keystrokes cloned.

This is not a fault on our end, but is with Skype - there is no recourse from Skype either - I have recently cancelled auto-recharge
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Yep...same thing here, Skype has a huge security hole, and has knon about it for ages and done nothing about it. Basically your card details, username and password are anyones !!

Only thing to do is ditch auto topup and delete credit cards....Customer support was a joke !

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This looks to me like a spoofing attempt. The names are not professional and a bad access was achieved. It could be a key logger that knows you will be suspicious and will go to skype, log in and change your password, at which point they will now have both ID, old and new passwords. I recommend trashing the email without clicking on anything, but some emails have active code attached by which the logger is loaded without the user having to click a link. This is not a flaw in skype, but a flaw in the PC OS. If you are concerned do some searches through AV sites such as McAfee and Kasperski. Use the latest anti malware tools. If you think you have been spoofed, and they are watching your keystrokes, you have to take action against them. This kind of malware is called a 'key logger.'
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The same thing happened to me. I'm not that often on Skype and didn't notice until I read an undelivered purchase email. I'd suddenly become a Skype Manager for a user called "kunda hermes" and had - without my knowledge - added 114 euros to their account.


I wouldn't normally think it lucky to have no money in the bank but, on this occasion, it was! The payment wasn't made, hence my failed Skype 'purchase' which triggered the email. Although it took ages to find out how to get in touch with support, they were fantastic and unblocked my account in under 24 hours.Obviously I've changed my password now and the Manager account has gone.


My advice: Don't accept any invitations to become a Skype Manager and do change your password frequently! Kudos to support, though y):

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Dear All,
I was hacked by skype manager user, around 500 EURO, be careful with your skype, I will go to court for this matter
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My account has been hacked and cloned it seems several times. I change the password but it doesn't make any difference. My friends who tried adding me said there were 7 of me now. They put up messages like "buy from etc". It's an actual person on the other end not a bot it seems too. I told skype about this and they said it wasn't possible to clone an account. It is. They're there. My friends have been hacked and cloned also. It's a total joke. They're using cloned accounts with my picture etc on it.

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