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I got a missed call an hour ago from an account named VIDEO MESSAGE RECEIVED! GO TO MAILVSV or s1329411879499.. I did type the URL and it then it redirected me to MSGPD with a download button in the middle. I have found no other reported occurrences and it seems to be something similar to a phishing scam. I'd like any leads or contact information on who I should bring it to attention.

  • mailvsv
  • msgpd
  • phishing
  • s1329411879499
  • scam
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Novel Tourist

I just now got a call from with this same message. It's 9:26 PM In the pacific timezone at the moment. It screams scam of some kind to me. I'd reccomend not answering and don't go to the URL. 

To the OP, i'd recommend you run a full virus and spyware scan ASAP. It's likely you contracted a virus just from going to that URL. I'm not sure if you are awareor not, but there is a thing called a drive-by-download where all you have to do is mouse over a certain spot on a webpage and it will download and install a variety of nasty things to your system. Linux and Mac systems are not safe from this either.

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I just got tht call and it scared me half to death.. Does anything happen if you answer it? I pressed decline.

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I got a call not more than 5 minutes ago, and I answered it nothing happened except a automated message. I would not listen to anything it says, they should not be sending messages to private skype user's. No one should be sending me messages except for the people I've given my skype username. Please fix this skype. and fast.

Novel Adventurer

I just received two of these as well. I didn't answer them and of course didn't go to the link. I also blocked the account that sent it.

Novel Tourist

I deleted the voice message and blocked the contact. There is an option to "report abuse" when you block the contact. So I would think that would be a way of alerting Skype. 

Novel Adventurer

Oh... I reported too when I blocked. lol

Novel Adventurer

I have received two of these.  I would never go to that website.  It is obviously a phishing ploy.  I blocked the caller each time so they can't call again, but since each call was from a different number, these could continue.  Skype should investigate and squelch whoever this is.

Novel Tourist

I got that call from one of my contacts, at 11:30 at night, which I know they would not call at that time.  No actual video message in my skype account- what the heck?  We need this resolved as those calls are scary.  Kept me up all night wondering.

Super Adventurer

those are bogus notifications indeed.  ignore, block the user, and report them as follows:



In addition, Skype doesn't send such notifications when someone receives a video message.  Users are also not required to install or use any third party external software or apps to send/receive/and view video messages.



[Post updated with current information.]