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Getting an IP from Skype

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Hello there,i've really serious problem..

I'm hosting an internet business in my PC,my problem is that i'm getting DDOS by  enemies,they're getting my IP via my Skype name...Please try to fix this or tell me how to avoid.

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Checking for you.


I recommend that you always run the latest Skype version: Windows & Mac

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dude i've latest version of Skype but they still can get my ip through some special website..they even made business selling someone's ip for money
do something for this!!!
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Will someone help me here or i must leave using Skype??

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The best way to avoid getting DDoSed is using your internet behind a router+firewall that will identify and discard those requests.

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The best way is not to have the IP broadcast to others.
This is a SERIOUS issue.
Many gamers use Skype as it has superior audio quality to such applications as Teamspeak etc but are looking for alternatives en masse as this vulnerability gets more popular.

I know many who have been hit by this, it only needs a request from someone to get the IP, even if you deny it.
A friend was DDoS'd on a live stream for charity by someone who used this method.

It is simple, often done by teenagers who think they are 'uber haxxors', and it is a big concern.

Please fix it as a matter of priority. I, for one, will not be renewing my premium account stuff when it is due as I will have moved to something else. Reluctantly.

The fact you think that a firewall will stop a DDoS attack somewhat alarms me as to the likelihood of this ever being fixed. Yes it will not let anything into your PC but the attack will still down your connection.


My advice to the Original Poster would be to contact his ISP and ask for a new IP but that will only give a brief respite until they try again.

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I already have Router+Firewall+Premium antivirus stuff etc.

i just need you to block this issue..It's a big problem for all of us,no privacy

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no one could help me to avoid this problem?

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Afqancic wrote:

no one could help me to avoid this problem?

try to connect to Skype through a Proxy server


you can use a free HTTPS proxy/IP



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