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Fake emails from paypal re Skype subscription!!! BE AWARE!!

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Novel Tourist

I just received this email from some fraudster, but it looks totally like a Paypal email. It is claiming that I have ordered 3 month Skype subscription for £39.00. Below is a link which takes you to paypal resolution centre (but does not really) where you can dispute the transaction and get a refund!!!!!!


Here is the email:



Subject: Transaction ID: 55RD9132528474UK23 From: Date: Mon, 11 Jun 2012 13:12:08 +0200

PayPal logo  
You sent a payment of 39.00 GBP to Skype ( Thanks for using PayPal. To see all the transaction details, log in to your PayPal account.
It may take a few moments for this transaction to appear in your account.

Merchant Skype Instructions to merchant You haven't entered any instructions.
Shipping address - Unconfirmed United Kingdom Postage details The seller hasn.t provided any postage details yet.
Description Unit price Qty Amount
3 month subscription 39.00 GBP 1 39.00 GBP
Subtotal 39.00 GBP
Total 39.00 GBP
Payment 39.00 GBP
Payment sent to 
Issues with this transaction? If you haven't authorized this charge, open a dispute at:
XXXXXXXXXXXXX and get a full refund.


I have reposted this to Paypal as well but thought that I'd better let others know as well about this.


Clearly these criminals are trying to get your paypal login and steal your money.






EDIT : phishing link removed

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Over the course of 2014 there have been multiple reports of alleged "New Skype Payment" phishing emails claiming to originate from Skype. See the blog article here:


If you are in doubt please always check first by signing in to your user accounts at PayPal and Skype by manually entering the URL for the company pages in your browser. Do not follow the link from within the email to make sure you are not taken to malicious websites trying to obtain your account credentials.

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Novel Tourist

I have received exactly the same email with the same reference number.

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Novel Tourist

I've just received exactly the same email. I'm going to change my security/password, etc just in case!

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Novel Tourist

I have received the same thing, same reference number - its good, but obviously not good enough as we saw through it immediately (us three on this forum so far!) so others will too



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Novel Tourist
I received this same Skype/paypal email today, so the little 'darlings' (cough) are still trying to steal our hard earned cash. I wonder how many have not realised. It is good, and I had used my name and password, it was only when I saw the details they wanted that I realised. Please be careful everyone x
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Novel Adventurer
I got the samew scam email too and unfortunately gave all my bank details away! I have now cancelled the card but im worries that i have given away all my details including date of birth and security question answers!
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Novel Adventurer
Yeah I got the same thing.
Obviously I didn't click on anything knowing I haven't ordered any subscribtions.
Wanted to send it to skype but I can see it's already here.

Unbelievable what would some people do.
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Novel Tourist

Have also recieved such a email, it would appear to be of Russian origin

What action have you taken?

Regards Roger Wilkinson

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Casual Tourist

I have received four e-mails in the last three months for so called subscription receipts from pay-pal re skype. £39.00 each time. Check bank statements.

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Novel Tourist
I received the same email today Monday 11th Feb 2013
I have spoken to Paypal an they confirmed it is fraudulent unfortunately I was warned after I paniced an clicked on 'paypal dispute' an stupidly put in my bank details etc, I have now spoken to bank who have cancelled card etc an changed my password with paypal, never thought I would get caught out like this....but I was :-(
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