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FBI tapping skype calls

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it has came to our attention that skype allows FBI to tap the calls as it was shown in megaupload case


do you care to comment on this ? or should we all cancell our service with you now?

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in my pure humble opinion, possibly with hign-end advanced tools (which is most likely not commercially available), it may be possible to tap phone calls, which may include Skype calls.  but of course unless you are a high profiled, controversial, highly suspicious person, you should not worry about such possibilities.  I think as of now, it is indeed only the government/law-enforcement bodies who have the capability or autority to do such, it's not an everyday thing.  

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having a back-door into the program is a series security flaw and this should be addressed by Microsoft immediately considering that this is used by international clients not only USA citizens..Illegally monitoring skype calls should be a serious concern for everyone.FBI has jurisdiction over the USA not the whole world.My concern also includes the fact that the FBI could easily access and exploit this backdoor, who else can can exploit this security flaw without due process ofv the law
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so the official skype line is not to comment is see Microsoft is playing a good lackey dog to FBI as always

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Hi i think this kind of Idea it really  good to catch a Criminal online, but they should only do this for the suspecius user, so if you are clean Skyp user  you have nothing to worry.


like I have a very serius problem right now and I think I really need a help from the US  Authority. 

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I dont know exactly how to report this but maybe someone out there an American concern citizen might want to help me, I am not American I am from Germany, but I really need help from the Police Washington, if you want to help me please contact me per email.


thank you


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go on their websites doh.... they have contact us sections

as to you thinking this is a good idea i dont thinks so who is watching the watchers who will give us guarantee that we r not being tapped ilegaly by FBI
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anonymous_n wrote:

so the official skype line is not to comment is see Microsoft is playing a good lackey dog to FBI as always

if you want an official response, you can try emailing customer service.  

How to Contact Skype Customer Service


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