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Easy way to lookup IP address of a skype username

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I can't share details, but most of the sites that pretend to offer this service are actually just trying to rip off people (because their "service" does not work, but they still take money) or use it to gather lists of valid Skype name.

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I can,t take risk for my ip address. All my working transactions are online. This is the reason why i started using hide ip software utility. Now i can do my work freely and use skype with it.

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jakibea, all VPN software will hide your IP. You could use as well TOR but you need to do some firewall rules changes to make sure skype won't go around it (mimic a VPN). But we need out of box solution as a lot of users use skype.


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Unfortunately, this attempt to deter users is not working. We all know that these free services do resolve IP addresses of Skype users. I would appreciate more if we ask for people to petition for this and mail it to Microsoft to have them notice it. Of course, since you're an administrator, it would be the fast track if you signed and/or notified the developers. I've just had enough with Skype Resolvers.

DDoS day and night seems to be the ethos of the stupid blackhat community out there.
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It is a huge problem I have an avid Ddoser attacking me daily now since he can pull my ip just from my skype id at this point I am going to have to make a new skype account since I can't change my username now

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Hello, for 2 days ago i got ddosed because someone found my room mate username on skype.
Hope you can fix this soon, concider someone made this post for over a year ago.

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It is now 31.12.2013 and this thing is still going strong!

Get your **bleep** together

More and more people are experiencing being DDoS'ed because of this


Apparently a DDoS'er just said in his twitter 'The easiest way for someone to look up someone's IP is through Skype resolvers'


Seriously thinking about wiping out my Skype account, this problem is very serious.

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The problem with fixing this is that Skype is a pier to pier system, meaning that Skype users connect to other Skype users directly. In most system you connect to a server to the user.

Direct connection like Skype allow easy Resolving.

This system is hard-coded into Skype, which means a good amount of Skype would have to be recoded to work with a server.


For now, I sugest using some sort of proxy.

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