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Easy way to lookup IP address of a skype username

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Novel Adventurer

From this


and this article


It seems very easy to identify the IP of the Skype name user even without communicating with him\her.


I believe this is a very serious skype IP exploit.


It should be fixed as soon as possible or it will cause a lot of problems for many people.


Can someone confirm this is being looked at?



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yes, our security experts are aware of it and looking into it already.

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Novel Voyager
That site is now off the air, yielding the message "This domain and website have been suspended because of abuse or copyright reasons."
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Novel Tourist
Except for the researchers who discover the vulnerability claim that you have known of the issue for over a year now, care to explain this to your users?
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Novel Tourist

So are they gonna fix this, i have been getting ddos'd everynight for 3 days now. I dont accept calls from unknowns or contact requests, its all because this person has my skype name, which we cant change.  Are u going to fix ur software or do you need help?

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Novel Tourist

I'm a programmer, and I get booted sometimes. All I'm going to say is if they don't get it fixed soon; I'm moving to MSN 100% or I'll decompile Skype and fix it myself (Not really).

I just hate being booted.

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Casual Adventurer

There is a realy easy way to get ip from msn users. They are just downloading MSN plus and add a script and 2 or 3 clicks and Boom they got your ip. They even dont need to type you or idk. On skype they need to make a PHP script that's getting your ip. Dont ask me how becouse i even dont know Good luck Btw, For the booting call your ISP and tell them your story.

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Routine Adventurer

Any luck on a solution 

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Novel Tourist
This is a VERY large issue for anyone with a web presence, and unluckily a skype account with the same name. When is this fix going to be applied live?
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Novel Adventurer

The issue is not yet fixed. I found multiple scripts and APIs (That you can pay for) to reslove a username to an IP address. I am sending you in a private message a server which does it for you


Simply blocking the sites that do this won't help, a solution from lower level APIs is required. 

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